A Big Vision: Dominoes Falling

July 22, 2014

Last night blew our minds! We hosted a live vision cast from my living room to share the next steps in the vision for IF:Gathering. Thankfully I feel that God has been clear and I can’t wait to share with you! This vision is big and we need you. So if you missed and want to know what is coming, here you go:

The response has been tremendous! Leaders rising up around the world to take initiative for their place. Mark your place here.

  Screen Shot 2014-07-23 at 1.55.39 PM

In my vision it was lights but I think in reality it’s google map pins.

I was a bit fired up…. Nobles is used to me but seemed to be laughing inside as I poured out my guts. Pretty typical and yet she did just move from Nashville to Austin to help me lead this thing. Down deep she is inspired- I just know it.

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As I have been processing it over the last few weeks, this post that I wrote many years ago came to mind. To read these words on the precipice of sharing this vision was pretty emotional. I shared this with you last night because it is the very best image I can think of what could happen with IF, if God wills.

All of us… surrendered and obeying and falling into one anothers’ lives as God shows off his glory through hundreds of thousands of lives doing millions of tiny acts of obedience.

Today, reading my words below, I can’t imagine all I would have missed if I would have said no nearly 4 years ago.

If you want to jump in to this crazy vision…. READ MORE HERE or SIGN UP AS AN IF:LEADER HERE.

Falling Into Obedience  

(Originally Posted here September 2010)



Everyone is surprised by how heavy I have been lately. Isn’t it so exciting? Publishing and Adopting?

But so many things about both blessings are weighty. I am afraid of my capacity to do all of this, I hate being out there for scrutiny, I am afraid of what writing will mean for my family and so many other things….

So why do it?

What if…

these little acts of obedience were a small part of a matrix of dominoes unfolding the glory of Godnew-twitter_bird-gray (small because after all I am a small domino in a huge matrix) Could He bypass me and find another route? Of course- He is God.

But what if I laid down my life domino and through that unleashed an army of others who laid down and unleashed their obedience and through this matrix- God’s glory was displayed through the laying down of lives in the midst of a generation?

And just in case God has given me these insane opportunities to display His glory, we (my husband and I) feel compelled to obey…. no matter the cost and uncertainty.

Because heaven is coming… and soon none of us will care about any other glory but His anyway.

I have many dominoes that have fallen behind me to allow me to fall….

Too many mentors and friends to mention today have fallen into my life to help me to fall into the callings of God I now face. You know who you are.

Thank you!!

We are all dominoes in this. We all have our place in this. What is yours?

I beg you- all of us- to fall. Fall into obedience that will shape the glory of God in our generation.new-twitter_bird-gray We don’t want to get to heaven and realize we missed it. God rerouted around us…..

and besides maybe it will be fun!


So 4 years later… it turns out it’s been pretty fun and I can’t wait to see what happens next. I picture all of you in your places laying down your lives in so many small and big ways and I can’t wait to get to heaven and see the impact all of our lives falling into each other had. I know it won’t feel small then.

Where are you from? What questions do you have? What are you processing?

12 Responses to “A Big Vision: Dominoes Falling”

  1. Alicia Coats

    I just have to say that I was a part of IF gathering in Feb and it has birthed a new passion in me like never before. I started leading a Restless book study in my church and I have been going chapter by chapter in Restless with my ladies bible study class. I cannot tell you how this has changed my life. God is showing out! I am now heading up Women’s ministry in our church. I have a brunch scheduled in September for all the ladies of our church. I will be speaking about IF table and we will be asking ladies to sign up and meet once a month Oct – May. This could be huge! I have also been hosting IF table once a month in my home. This last week I actually had 11 ladies in my home and I spoke about getting our generations in our church together and I spoke to them about the concept of IF table. This next week I have even more ladies (25) coming to my home and I will do the same thing. This is so important to me! I feel God calling me to speak to women in our church AND other churches. Thank you so much Jennie Allen for obeying your calling from God! Maybe one day I will be able to meet you and hear you speak!

  2. Dana Martin

    3 strangers (soon to be friends) in Charleston, SC are meeting to get our IF:table together. I just thought y’all should know Chuck-town (that’s what the locals call it) will never be the same. I am FIRED UP…where two or three are gathered, HE IS THERE WITH US. I am humbled and thrilled to be a part of something bigger than myself.

    When I first heard about the IF:Gathering, I was bought in. I knew that it was made for me and my peeps. I was so excited. Then, I was totally bummed when I didn’t get into Austin and my college roommate did. I prayed like an ugly girl prays for a prom date, but no ticket. I tried to convince my hubs to move to Austin. If Jennie could meet me, she would want to be my friend and she would for sure let me in a back door. I wanted to pull a Bob Goff and sit outside her house or office for a week (month, what evs)! I’m a dreamer. I can’t help myself. That is why God have me my hubs. He said that is cool when you are a college kid. When you are a mother and a pastor’s wife, you end up on the news or with a restraining oder or worse…in jail. Jennie, I did not wait outside your office or house for weeks. Your welcome. Seriously, my hubs encouraged me to press into Jesus and ask God “What do you want me to do? Why such a passion and calling for IF?” He has supported me on some crazy things, and he would support me here. I have been waiting for God to say GO.

    I’m pressing in real close to hear His voice and obey. To start, I’m meeting with Angie and Candace next week. We will map out our plan for the IF:table. I’m so pumped about this new beginning. I’m not sure what shindig was “planned” in place of IF:table and IF;prayer event. Thank you. Thanks from my heart. Thank you for being a team of women who listen to the Lords voice and have the guts to obey him. You give this girl in Charleston, SC the freedom and the courage to do the same. It’s not easy for me to change course. In my heart, I just want to DO what He wants me to do and BE who He wants me to be. I want to be dangerous and I want adventure. I want to be free. I think that is what the people in my hood want.

    Since your Leadercast, I have driven around my city the past couple of days, asking myself, “Has anyone prayed for you?” when I see that lady in the market or that man walking into the school. It’s overwhelming. The burden for people to know Him. God is working and it will be immeasurably more than we can ask or imagine.

    Thanks from my heart to the IF team. Thousands will know Him and know Him better because of your faithfulness. I am grateful to be one of them.

    thankful to serve alongside you,

    ‘PS: I’m just giving y’all a heads up, that your map-thingy might crash. I’m really believing that the Charleston Area (probably a lot of places) will blow up 🙂 Your tech people may want to work on that stuff before the prayer event. I’m just sayin’

  3. Jennie,

    YES. Did you know this has allowed me to fall in a way I just didn’t know I could? I’m a young wife and mom. I’m a teacher. I’m many things. But I didn’t know how to just obey. God’s used this to bring together a group of gringas here in Quito, Ecuador. We’ve done IF: Table a few times. They came over to my house in waves to watch the broadcast in February. They’re excited for the next gathering.

    Thank you for being obedient. Thank you for not having this be re-routed. I want to be used and you’ve shown me a way to be the small domino I am, and fall.

  4. Brittany

    I attended the IF gathering here in Colorado Springs, CO. … And I have loved what’s happened in my life since. I read the IF equip each morning, my girls small Bible study group is reading anything, I am a yoga instructor and leading a Christian yoga workshop, and more …I have been so blessed, so,grateful, and am loving my learning and growth since the IF gathering. I am thankful and want more. :). thanks!!!

  5. Hey Jennie 🙂 I am from Lexington, SC and I am wrestling through a fog of uncertainty. It’s crazy because I tend to be a follower, but God has been moving in my heart in some powerful ways and I find myself leading in ways I never dreamed I could. My natural man wanting to follow though, makes it difficult to see God clearly at times and I find myself looking all around me and feeling unsure of where God wants me to go. When I am surrendered though, in that place of freedom I see clearly and feel courage to step out of my comfort zone and it is amazing to walk in those places where you feel alive and like you are doing what you were made to do! But then I so easily fall back and sometimes, like now, I feel so stuck. I guess the question is, how do we stay surrendered. It’s hard when Satan is working so hard to hold us back and knows what weaknesses to exploit.

  6. We are having an If gathering at our church on August 24 in Hendersonville, TN, so it is very exciting to be a part of it all! We will have a corporate session with 2 of our ladies sharing their stories and I think showing 2 of the original ladies’ talks. Then we will break off and go to host homes for dinner and discussion. Yea! Love seeing the vision carried out. . .Look forward to seeing you at dotMom!

  7. RaeAnne Hsu

    This is a bit long, but I really wanted to share this with you! This summer has been a real wait and listen season. I wanted to lead a life group this fall at my church, but was waiting for God to highlight if and what direction I should go in. I usually just dive into these things, but I have been trying to listen more as I’m getting older! As the deadline in July for submitting materials to the church was approaching, I felt a tugging. God was saying, go pick up Restless and look at it. As soon as I pulled it off my shelf and started thumbing through it, I knew I was supposed to go in that direction. The book had a huge impact on me this past year and I’ve been wanting to help other women walk through this journey of discovery. (It’s actually part of my threads). Sure enough there is now a great DVD study to go along with it and within minutes everything was pouring off the page. I submitted it and left for vacation.

    I thought about a lot of things on vacation and to my husband’s surprise, when we got home I told him I had a curve ball for him. I’ve been looking forward to starting Life University for several months now, but after a short conversation with Pastor Tom in June, my husband and I have been having a lot of discussions. He mentioned something about us both doing the school and that idea was new, but sounded really exciting. But it was becoming painfully clear that Keng (my husband) is just going to have too much on his plate this semester to swing another all-evening commitment. Though it meant giving up this dream again (ask me about Kansas City sometime!), I told him Tuesday night at dinner that I didn’t think I was supposed to do the school this fall. I am making a lot of new lifestyle changes and to do those things with excellence I need time. I am rehabbing my body, determined to start having a meal plan and embrace the cooking part, and starting preschool curriculum with Lucas. Doing the school would take away from that and I also know that I need to keep simplicity a priority in things God is wanting me to step out in (building community through dinners, family nights, clubs, etc.). Keng looked really relieved when I told him all this and said his biggest hesitation in all this was because he really wanted us to do the school together, but that he just has too much this semester. We agreed that we should wait and maybe next year would be a better time to step out in that.

    So after we put Lucas to bed, I pulled out my phone to listen to the live video chat (a few hours delayed)! My simple obedience gave way to my next steps! As I listened I was blown away at how God was directing me. In addition to the dinners, they were asking us to pray. Up until a few weeks ago they were planning this huge creative idea and God had stopped them dead in their tracks and asked them to stop and to pray. The new direction is for us to pray and to think about leading a group of women through the Restless study this fall! Of course God had already prompted my heart in this and I am convinced that this is what I am supposed to be pouring my energy into! How beautiful that God would give me vision for something before that vision was even cast out. I know this is Him and the He is up to something huge!!

  8. Austin! 🙂 Processing as a ministry wife how to open my hands to a passion thats ignited inside of me since IF & Restless for story. Our stories, how we have devalued them, some are scared of them, how they connect us, and how they launch us into our callings. Terrifying, because life presses in and like you shared last night some days I wish I dreamt smaller. So thankful for your gift of vision and passion.

  9. Thank God that you fell!! I didn’t know about IF until the live stream happened, and it came at just the right time as God was asking me to fall. I’m walking in obedience now, and there’s no better place.


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