A New Bible Study + Fun Summer Announcement!

April 22, 2015
I have been working on something over the last year that I have wanted to tell you for quite some time now.

I have very few truly life shattering moments. But by far, one of the most shattering was on a bathroom floor several years ago, reading the blog of a girl named Katie Davis. I saw the life of someone wholly surrendered, single minded and full of God’s undeniable purposes for her life.

I was jealous and I wanted in. I didn’t want to miss any more of my life.

So Zac and I began to pray the most simple prayer every night before bed…

Anything. God. Anything.

And in that one little word we turned in everything for God’s anything.

Every dream for our lives.
Every dollar and possession.
Every safety and comfort.
Every person’s approval.
Every ambition.

And we opened our entire lives up to anything God had for us.

Any risk.
Any country.
Any act of obedience.
Any dream God had for us.

It’s been years now since that prayer, and I can say NOTHING about our former lives is the same.

Cooper – We would have missed him….

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IF:Gathering – We would have missed that…..

MoxieCollective 219

Building tools and watching so many of you use them in your places – I would have missed that…..


And your stories are even more astounding.

Job changes, reconciliation with family members, adoptions, non-profits started, freedom from bondage that has held some of you all your lives, thousands of small acts of obedience have caused eternity to change in ways we can’t know yet.… I believe so deeply in you and in what happens when we pray this simple prayer, that one year ago I asked my publisher if they would consider letting me write a bible study for Anything. I get pictures and letters from so many of you who are leading my other studies in your living rooms, your dorm rooms, your churches, prisons, homeless shelters and you’ve asked if I would write a study to go with Anything.

Well, on June 9th, Anything is being re-released with a new beautiful cover, new chapters about what has transpired since the first edition, and an 8-week bible study! 

Three ways you can join in and stay up to date:

1. Pre-order your copy of Anything, now updated to include an in-depth 8 week-bible study, conversation cards to cut out and other new updates and additions. You can order via Barnes and Nobles, AmazonChristianbook.com, or Givington!


2. Join the Anything Online Bible Study starting June 15th with FaithGateway – you’ll just need to  pre-order a copy of the book to get started. June 15th we will live stream from my living room to open and then join FaithGateway and a great community of women each week for video sessions and more resources to go along with the book and study.

Register through Faith Gateway HERE and get free access to 8 online study videos and free downloads when you sign up! 
3. Lead your OWN Anything Bible Study. We will make available all of the videos and resources for your own book club or bible study this summer. You just grab your people, pre-order the books, and dive in.

Interested in leading your own Anything study? Submit your info here:

37 Responses to “A New Bible Study + Fun Summer Announcement!”

  1. Yay! A few of us UK gals have been going back and forth as to what to study and if we should break for the summer. With so many of us traveling that time of year, this will be a great way to stay connected and grounded in our faith! Thanks Jennie!

    • Fun! Love it- so cool to have friends in college that are living out their faith beside you.

  2. So exciting!! Congrats, Jennie! I’ve had Anything on my nightstand for almost a year and it’s the third one in line to be next read, so it’s kind of awesome that I heard about this before I picked it up! It’s the answer I’ve been waiting for asking God what study he wanted me to do with my girls this summer! : ) We started our group with Chase and then did Restless this fall after the first IF Pray! We hosted a local IF in February and now we’ve been on break until the summer. Oh man – THIS is gonna be a great summer…bring it on, Jesus!

    • Woohoo! Ready for summer yesterday. What are you drinking in your mug shot…. looks so good.

      • It was a piña colada done local-style in Tahiti and let me tell you it was good. But not as good as the scenery! 😉

  3. Tara Maier

    I’m just starting your Biblestudy “Stuck” to 40 women who have said they want to do this. Pray that God will change us to be completely His in His kingdom here and now. May we be women who walk by faith, not by sight!

    • Yes Tara! Please God. Love that- tell your 40 girls hi from me! And send me a photo on Instagram.

  4. This. This is exactly what I want from a Bible study. I want to be encouraged to do anything He asks. I want to be ready with my, “Yes, God!” answer even before He asks. Jennie, I’m absolutely thrilled to read about this study. I’m without words, right now! Thank you for this. Thank you for lighting a fire. May it spread quickly, so that we will be a people willing to say, “Yes, God. Anything you ask, yes!” Keep on, soul Sister! I am pre-ordering my copy right now!!!
    With love, Courtney Stanford

    • Praying with you friend! It is already happening in so many beautiful ways!

  5. WOW! I just ordered your $5.00 book special – anxious to get it. Maybe this will be next! Love your blog and loved CHASE.

  6. How beautiful it is to see your life unfold in such surrendered way – and how the Lord has chosen to be glorified. I’ve been on the same journey of asking God to do His will. Surrendering to God’s plans and waiting to see what He does is a great place to be.

    So glad you obeyed to anything.

    I join with you that God will do everything to change the hearts of His daughters and transform us, so we can go and transform the world for His glory.


    • So beautiful Edith- God is moving. Isn’t it so fun to be a part of it?!

  7. Ok I feel a bit like an obsessed stalker today or something because I just wrote a blog post today about how Chase, Anything, and Relentless have totally WRECKED my normal living in the past couple of months. And now this… thank you so much.

    I am so excited to get my Bible study girls together to do this this summer because right now, tonight, we will be doing session one of Chase. The women are SO excited because just from the introduction last week their faith has been changed.

    Thank you for all you do, and to be willing to give God anything… <3

  8. Wait, I’ve been asking God how do I pray, for what, and why.

    Jennie. I am SO SCARED to pray this prayer. Like frightened off of my pants? What are the hardships? Has it been super hard for you?

    But I’ve been asking God to teach me how to pray, and all of the sudden He is giving me so many resources.

    I’m ordering the book. but Jennie, I AM SO SCARED.

    • HArd? Nah!! HAHA!!! I will do a post soon about that. I can’t tell you how scary and hard but how rewarding and mind blowingly incredible too.

  9. Exciting! These things have been on my mind. I’m so in.

    (Plus, I’ve been secretly jealous of Ginger – who has been attending Numb this spring. So now, I get to join in the fun.)

    • Numb has been incredible. Sad sad sad it’s over.


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