What You Don’t Want to Miss

September 22, 2016

There are lots of exciting things going on around the office. Some I can tell you about now and some I can’t wait to tell you about in the coming months! For today, let’s talk about some things that I really don’t want you to miss (PLUS I’m giving away some new books at the bottom of this post). Check it out!:

IF:Gathering 2017 Registration for February’s IF:Gathering is just around the corner! We are hard at work with planning Keep Reading...

Choosing to Not be Empty

September 15, 2016

Choosing to Not Be Empty

A pastor I respect and consider a friend resigned this week from burnout. My husband walked through burnout after six years of leading and planting a church.

I think all of us have used these common words…

Tired. Empty. Numb. Checked out.

For the last three years, these were familiar words to me. I knew I was being obedient to the things God had called me to, but Keep Reading...

Chasing the Wrong Things

September 8, 2016

Chasing the Wrong Things

I was eighteen years old. I felt paralyzed in my relationship with God. I knew God was real, but my fancy prayers and daily devotionals were not cutting it. I was doing everything right, but it felt all wrong. Yet I thought I was giving God what He wanted.

I began to question–and this good little Bible-belt girl somehow missed the rules for wrestling with her God. As I Keep Reading...

Living Humble & Bold

September 1, 2016

Living Humble and Bold

Right before the first IF:Gathering (about three years ago), I was terrified. IF had blown up and was reaching women all over the world, and I had no idea what it was going to be like or how it was going to turn out. I felt disconnected from God, my soul, and my friends.

I decided to get away right around New Year’s. I remember doubting God so much Keep Reading...

When God Breathes into the Dark Places

August 25, 2016

When God Breathes into the Dark Places

My third child, Caroline, resembles a Norman Rockwell-esque little girl, with her sweet blue eyes and bob of blonde hair tied in a white bow. She is usually shy and quiet and joyful. One summer weekend we were out at the lake with another family, and obedient Caroline calmly observed the other children as they played wildly all day. She sat and ate her lunch quietly Keep Reading...