Restless Project Live: Week 6

April 9, 2014

These weeks have meant so much to me.  I’ve loved doing life online together.  I have a feeling this online chat thing will make a comeback soon.  It’s just too fun!  Thank you to everyone involved!

I’d still love to see your threads laid out.  Send them to me via  Facebook or Instagram using the hashtag #RestlessProject.

FaithGateway was so kind to host us every week.  This is their thank you to you -

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Restless Project 5: Passions & Mystery

April 2, 2014

Week 5 up! Love you friends. What a joy this has been. Wish we could all meet in person next week for a party. The last few weeks have been such a gift to me and to Jaime. Next week we will cover part three of the book. Post your threads and we will walk through a few!




Screen Shot<a class= Keep Reading...

Restless Project: People & Places

March 26, 2014



Writing over at Incourage today about Sarah and people (from Restless):

Sarah Henry sat on my bed and watched me pack for a trip. She was impatient that I was leaving. I was one of her only friends because she had recently moved to Austin. She wondered out loud if she would ever have friends like she had in college. I looked at her and said,

“Quit Keep Reading...

Restless Project Live: Week 3 Suffering

March 19, 2014

Thank you all again for digging in here. This was certainly a difficult night as we considered how our suffering has impacted our passions.

We had a great night again- Lisa Jo Baker joined Jamie and I to talk about how our struggles connect now to our passions. If you want to catch up here is the video and check out the incredible conversation unfolding on Facebook and under #restlessproject on Twitter.  And it’s not too Keep Reading...

Restless Live: Week 2 Gifts

March 11, 2014

Friends- I am so moved by you. These two nights have really surprised us- your engagement and honesty and especially the way you are speaking into each other’s lives.  One of my favorite tweets of the night:

Screen Shot 2014-03-11 at 11.02.58 AM

YES! What has blown us away most- is the community that has formed around this. Truly blown away. If you missed last night, the video is below to Keep Reading...