A Prayer Guide: His Nearness, Our Good

April 12, 2015

Jennie Allen Prayer Guide

Our lives are flat-out wild this Spring. Four kids in sports and I’ll tell you something- if you have young kids- a day will come when your kids stay up as long or longer than you do, thus leaving no part of the day that you can just be alone and turn off unless you get up before everyone and so lately I have been and it is Keep Reading...

In Case you are Wondering if it all Matters

April 7, 2015

Look at this one little blue bonnet who just popped out of some grass we planted before winter. I guess somehow he found his way to our sod and the sod found it’s way to our house.


It has me thinking about all of you darling people out there, some of you I have met as you have welcomed me into your churches and lives around the country. You have NO Keep Reading...