How to Not Miss the Perfect Love of Imperfect Dads

June 18, 2016


(Originally posted on June 21, 2015)

There is a term you have heard… “Daddy Issues.” It certainly is a real thing. I have spent enough time with a lot of you, and there is real, sincere hurt from dads in the world.

I’ve had some of those hurts.

Somewhere in my story … I believed I was not loved, I believed I was not measuring up, I believed I was not Keep Reading...

Embracing Thorns

June 9, 2016


I used to watch people in the limelight of ministry with a little bit of jealousy. They seemed to be magically using their gifts and seemed so fulfilled–so happy. They appeared to be honoring God, and then as an added bonus, to possess all of our respect and admiration. How rewarding, I thought. Until… that light shined on me just a little.

I’m a wife and a mom and a speaker Keep Reading...

Why (I Think) Everyone Should Have a Counselor

June 2, 2016

Screen Shot 2016-06-01 at 12.46.56 PM Zac and I just celebrated 19 years of marriage.

Before we get into the sticky stuff–I cannot imagine a more incredible gift of a husband. We are best friends; he supports my dreams, isn’t afraid to kick me in the tail, and also loves me unconditionally. We love Jesus and we always have. We came into marriage with pretty minimal baggage, and yet still…

MARRIAGE IS DANG Keep Reading...

Dear Graduate

May 26, 2016

Jennie-Allen-meme-May25-ALT-2 (1)

Dear Graduate,

I must, of course, start with a huge congratulations! All the projects are done. The homework is handed in, the presentations are over, the grades are finalized, and you did it! That is huge, and it’s worth celebrating!

I know this is where all the emotions start to come into play. You are so relieved and so excited and so overwhelmed. You’re grateful and sad and nervous and Keep Reading...