A Big Vision: Dominoes Falling

July 22, 2014

Last night blew our minds! We hosted a live vision cast from my living room to share the next steps in the vision for IF:Gathering. Thankfully I feel that God has been clear and I can’t wait to share with you! This vision is big and we need you. So if you missed and want to know what is coming, here you go:

The response has been tremendous! Leaders rising up around the world Keep Reading...

The End of Charity

July 19, 2014

Friends, sometimes…

We think we are helpful and we are just not.

We think we know better and we just don’t.

A few days ago I wrote about power and the power we have to partner sometimes turns into an arrogant force of good will and money and knowledge. I’ve been “that girl” who walked into the room to save it.

But this time everything’s been different…

We got off the bus overwhelmed with women looking me square in Keep Reading...

No More Dismissing Your Power

July 14, 2014

Hello from Rwanda! Meet our crazy fun crew!



Let me just start by saying, I get it. You are about to head to the office, or perhaps Octonauts is on in the background, or you are driving through Starbucks. I get it. I get life- real normal life pressing in and this looks like it might get heavy. And it might BUT come on anyway.

Because almost louder than the Keep Reading...

Summer Favorite Things

July 11, 2014

You, dear friends, were awfully supportive of my happy post last week and not surprisingly a lot of you relate to missing the fun and happiness in it all. So in light of my bliss kick, I thought I’d share some of my very non-spiritual (although that is up for debate) fun happy summer things.

Shark Tank


We are a whole stinkin’ family of entrepreneurs! Every kid has their talent or Keep Reading...