IF God Moved

February 1, 2016

One of my favorite things about Lindsey Nobles is that she has followed me on this insane journey, and while I consider myself a friend to crazy adventure, she is the more loyal, steady, sane one of us. So before I told her I think God wants us to pull the ticket price and open up our first shaky event up to the world, I called my wise and Keep Reading...

The Power of Giving and Receiving Grace

January 22, 2016

JA freedom-06

I had to miss Coop’s poetry recitation at school last week for a writing retreat. I love that my friends send me videos and support me rather than judge me for missing things as a working mom. But it got me thinking… I remember seasons in my life I didn’t feel that. I’d get stuck in my head, “are they going to think I’m the mom that cares more Keep Reading...

New Year, New Dream Guide

December 30, 2015

2016 Dream Guide


This is just my favorite thing! Zac makes fun of me…. how excited I get to sit down and write out our goals and dreams for the year. But whatever- he loves it too. We have an absolute insane dream this year… it involves a trailer and sno-cones and discipleship. I have no idea if it will happen but just dreaming about it makes my blood pump faster and Keep Reading...

One Lie that Will Shut you Down

November 7, 2015


I have spent a lot of time around some fantastically creative, gifted people lately who do not have big platforms. They are in their spot using their gifts in incredible ways and it is changing people’s worlds. HOWEVER, in their honest moments they sort of wonder if they are measuring up or if their work really matters since their platform isn’t skyrocketing. WE MUST STOP this silly game of numbers Keep Reading...

If Your Calling Exceeds your Capacity

September 11, 2015


First and foremost- It is 9-11 and we are remembering the many people who lost their lives at the hand of terrorists and the many refugees fleeing terrorism today. One of the greatest ways we can honor their lives is to be a part of loving and serving those still suffering. If you want to help here are a few ways: Read more here.

So the goings on around here…. Keep Reading...