Why (I Think) Everyone should have a Counselor

May 19, 2015


This past weekend Zac and I celebrated 18 years of marriage.

Before we get into the sticky stuff- I cannot imagine a more incredible gift of a husband. We are best friends, he supports my dreams, isn’t afraid to kick me in the tail and also loves me unconditionally. We love Jesus and we always have- we came into marriage with pretty minimal baggage and yet still…


Paralyzed in the Name of Humility

April 29, 2015


Over the years, I’ve received countless emails in my inbox from you.  I am overwhelmed by the number of women that have clear dreams but are afraid to pursue them.  My husband Zac made an interesting comment when I was discussing this with him.  He casually said, ” Men don’t know what their dreams are and women know, they are just afraid.”   I have to agree with him at Keep Reading...

A New Bible Study + Fun Summer Announcement!

April 22, 2015
Anything I have been working on something over the last year that I have wanted to tell you for quite some time now.

I have very few truly life shattering moments. But by far, one of the most shattering was on a bathroom floor several years ago, reading the blog of a girl named Katie Davis. I saw the life of someone wholly surrendered, single minded and full of God’s Keep Reading...

A Prayer Guide: His Nearness, Our Good

April 12, 2015

Jennie Allen Prayer Guide

Our lives are flat-out wild this Spring. Four kids in sports and I’ll tell you something- if you have young kids- a day will come when your kids stay up as long or longer than you do, thus leaving no part of the day that you can just be alone and turn off unless you get up before everyone and so lately I have been and it is Keep Reading...

In Case you are Wondering if it all Matters

April 7, 2015

Look at this one little blue bonnet who just popped out of some grass we planted before winter. I guess somehow he found his way to our sod and the sod found it’s way to our house.


It has me thinking about all of you darling people out there, some of you I have met as you have welcomed me into your churches and lives around the country. You have NO Keep Reading...