Numb: A New Study

January 27, 2015



I live and teach my projects before they end up on shelves.

In the craziness of the last few years the number one thing I have missed (besides my people) is teaching a study in my hometown. As much as I love speaking all over the map and meeting all of you incredible people- I have missed the routine of weekly bible study with my community here. So I pulled back Keep Reading...

Trust Marker

January 17, 2015

Rest and Be Faithful JA

Yesterday on the phone with some good friends catching up about life and IF:Gathering.

Karen said, “Jennie, you are really calm! It’s kind of crazy.”

Haha! Yep.  IF:Gathering is only a few weeks away and I could not feel more peaceful. I am finally in this place where I have seen too many miracles to worry. I KNOW God is real and for Keep Reading...

Happy Sunday!

January 11, 2015

Restless Worship

When I was in college and needed time with God, I would roll my windows down, put in a CD by Shane and Shane or a band called Watermark (Christy Nockels’ and her husband, Nathan’s band at the time), pray and sing, and feel closer to God when I returned than when I left.

May today be full of all the ways you connect with God- His Word, Keep Reading...