How to Not Miss the Perfect Love of Imperfect Dads

June 21, 2015

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There is a term you have heard… “Daddy Issues.” It certainly is a real thing. I have spent enough time with a lot of you and there is real sincere hurt from Dads in the world.

I’ve had some of those hurts.

Somewhere in my story… I believed I was not loved, I believed I was not measuring up, I believed I was not enough.

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Anything Study+Ann Voskamp

June 9, 2015

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I knew I had a deep soul sister in Ann Voskamp the first time we met. We were at a speaking training event with a host of incredible speakers. I was so nervous I couldn’t see straight, but I spoke what God had put in me to say, that we are called to not get sucked into the performance of Christianity, to the rat race, we must repent and Keep Reading...

When You Feel like you Love God more than your Spouse….

June 6, 2015

Hi friends- in just 3 days “Anything” is being re-released with a biblestudy.

As I have heard from many of you over the years since writing Anything, one of the biggest questions and tensions from those who are married, on surrender and obedience is some version of this:

“I am all in! But my spouse (who is a believer) is not on the same page.”

And for many who are not married, it has often been…“I am all in! Keep Reading...

Anything Stories + Jen Hatmaker

May 27, 2015

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A few years ago, Zac and I prayed a prayer- “God we will do anything.” That prayer took us on a crazy ride- we still find ourselves on.

So Zac and I began to pray the most simple prayer every night before bed…

Anything. God. Anything.

And in that one little word we turned in everything for God’s anything.It’s been years now since that prayer, and I Keep Reading...

Why (I Think) Everyone should have a Counselor

May 19, 2015


This past weekend Zac and I celebrated 18 years of marriage.

Before we get into the sticky stuff- I cannot imagine a more incredible gift of a husband. We are best friends, he supports my dreams, isn’t afraid to kick me in the tail and also loves me unconditionally. We love Jesus and we always have- we came into marriage with pretty minimal baggage and yet still…