How to Not have a Disappointing Valentine’s

February 14, 2015

Some of you will head out to romantic dinners this weekend… but honestly, most of my life holidays contained a hint of disappointment.

I guess you could say somewhere along the way I developed….. expectations. And anyone who has been alive for any time at all has learned,

nothing spoils all things more than disappointed expectations.  

So I thought in an effort to help all you men out there- who have no idea what to do to make your Keep Reading...

Numb: A New Study

January 27, 2015



I live and teach my projects before they end up on shelves.

In the craziness of the last few years the number one thing I have missed (besides my people) is teaching a study in my hometown. As much as I love speaking all over the map and meeting all of you incredible people- I have missed the routine of weekly bible study with my community here. So I pulled back Keep Reading...