Our Village

April 11, 2016

Our Village-Jennie Allen

So I accidentally started a village last night.

I was equal parts lonely and overwhelmed with the task of writing draft two of a new book in front of me. I am not someone who creates in a vacuum. I like team, I like brainstorming with friends.

So I clicked around on Facebook and started a closed group with exactly those words, Keep Reading...

What IF We Lived Like Jesus? Free Download

February 10, 2016



It is hard to pick moments or photos to fully capture what happened last weekend at IF:Gathering. Nearly impossible to put words around how thick the Holy Spirit was present, or how beautiful the sound of thousands of voices lifting up the name of Jesus. You could hear it across the world. Yes we gathered in Austin, but the real stuff happened in your churches and living rooms. Keep Reading...

IF God Moved

February 1, 2016

One of my favorite things about Lindsey Nobles is that she has followed me on this insane journey, and while I consider myself a friend to crazy adventure, she is the more loyal, steady, sane one of us. So before I told her I think God wants us to pull the ticket price and open up our first shaky event up to the world, I called my wise and Keep Reading...

The Power of Giving and Receiving Grace

January 22, 2016

JA freedom-06

I had to miss Coop’s poetry recitation at school last week for a writing retreat. I love that my friends send me videos and support me rather than judge me for missing things as a working mom. But it got me thinking… I remember seasons in my life I didn’t feel that. I’d get stuck in my head, “are they going to think I’m the mom that cares more Keep Reading...