To My White People

August 20, 2014

“You don’t hear me!”

Nothing yields panic like realizing you have no voice.

Once every word has been spoken, shouted, and no one hears. The panic sets in.

I won’t claim to know much about the world, especially right now. The news feels like the worst kind of apocalyptic movie. And with almost all of it- there is nothing to do but stare and pray and hold our people tighter.

But Ferguson.

I am white. My son is black. If Keep Reading...

Permission To Be Broken

August 7, 2014

In the three years that Cooper has been home, he has been sick all of three times. This week I was reminded of this post. I hope it encourages you and perhaps you could let down your guard and enjoy grace in some greater way this week.

Cooper is on the mend and tomorrow we celebrate his birthday. He’s seven years old! So it’s a whole week of spoiling him rotten.

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A Big Vision: Dominoes Falling

July 22, 2014

Last night blew our minds! We hosted a live vision cast from my living room to share the next steps in the vision for IF:Gathering. Thankfully I feel that God has been clear and I can’t wait to share with you! This vision is big and we need you. So if you missed and want to know what is coming, here you go:

The response has been tremendous! Leaders rising up around the world Keep Reading...

The End of Charity

July 19, 2014

Friends, sometimes…

We think we are helpful and we are just not.

We think we know better and we just don’t.

A few days ago I wrote about power and the power we have to partner sometimes turns into an arrogant force of good will and money and knowledge. I’ve been “that girl” who walked into the room to save it.

But this time everything’s been different…

We got off the bus overwhelmed with women looking me square in Keep Reading...