Dear Graduate

May 26, 2016

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Dear Graduate,

I must, of course, start with a huge congratulations! All the projects are done. The homework is handed in, the presentations are over, the grades are finalized, and you did it! That is huge, and it’s worth celebrating!

I know this is where all the emotions start to come into play. You are so relieved and so excited and so overwhelmed. You’re grateful and sad and nervous and Keep Reading...

These Are a Few of My Favorite Things + A Giveaway

May 19, 2016


With summer right around the corner, I know you guys are dreaming and planning for vacations, road trips, and other fun activities.

I thought I’d share with you some of my favorite reads and some of my favorite things, so you can throw these in your suitcase or backpack as you hit the road!

Ok, here we go:  


  Scarlet and Gold Keep Reading...

Can You Recognize Your Gifts? (A Free Tool to Help!)

May 12, 2016


A few years ago, I sat with my friends Jessica and Hannah as we walked through the first study of Restless. Jessica held the scribbles revealing her most sacred moments closely. As she looked back over the list of times when she had felt God’s pleasure and was fully satisfied in her life, they all had something to do with a stage. Performing in a school musical, being elected Keep Reading...

For the Mom Who Doesn’t Feel Good Enough

May 5, 2016


I am convinced that just about every mom thinks she’s ruining this whole parenting thing.

My daughter is on an overnight field trip (you know, the kind where even the bus ride is an adventure?). We planned and packed, and at 10pm, hours before she left, she came in my bedroom, crying and panicking because “I” forgot to pick up her special costume for one of the events.

We intentionally went weeks Keep Reading...