2017 Dream Guide

December 26, 2016

If you’ve followed the blog for a while, then you know the Dream Guide is one of my favorite tools. I created this a couple of years ago when I realized we all could use a simple guide to help us reflect and dream and pray as we head into a new year.



Zac and I do this every year. It’s an opportunity Keep Reading...

My Christmas Favorites

December 15, 2016
I am so excited about my family’s Christmas plans this year. Zac and I have always wanted to take the kids abroad, yet the years have flown by, and now I have a son who’s soon approaching his senior year in high school, and we’ve never done it. But this is the year! The Allen family is heading to Europe for Christmas and New Years! Huge thanks to so many of you who commented on my Facebook post to let us Keep Reading...

Kicking in the Barbie Dream House

December 1, 2016

IF Flower

The post below is an excerpt from Nothing to Prove (coming Jan 31st!). You can pre-order a signed copy here AND get a free NOTHING TO PROVE hand-stamped brass necklace if you order by December 10th. To grab a necklace, head here, fill out the form, and we’ll ship you a necklace and Christmas card.


I was full swing Keep Reading...

A Black Friday Surprise

November 25, 2016

I hope your Thanksgiving was full of life-giving conversation and really good food! I wish I was with each of you and could experience your family traditions. Maybe today you’re out shopping, or staying home and decorating for Christmas, or watching the new Gilmore Girls series (!!!). Whatever you’re up to today, I hope you’re enjoying some sweet time with family and friends.

I have a special little Black Friday announcement for you:    Nothing to<a class= Keep Reading...