When I’m Unsure of What’s Ahead

September 29, 2016

When I'm Unsure of What's Ahead

“Today I started a scrapbook,” Alex told me excitedly as we sat talking on the phone about God and the future. She had a lot of future ahead. Alex was 19 and a sophomore at the University of Texas. Her blonde ringlets must have bounced as she talked, and I imagined her having an expression Keep Reading...

How Does Someone Know God?

August 18, 2016

How does someone know God?

I used to think knowing about God was the same as knowing him. I remember sitting in a room full of future pastors at seminary. I always felt a little out of place. Maybe it was because I was a girl in a room full of men; maybe it was because I sat there tearing up, Keep Reading...

Our Village

April 11, 2016

Our Village-Jennie Allen

So I accidentally started a village last night.

I was equal parts lonely and overwhelmed with the task of writing draft two of a new book in front of me. I am not someone who creates in a vacuum. I like team, I like brainstorming with friends.

So I clicked around on Facebook and Keep Reading...

New Year, New Dream Guide

December 30, 2015

2016 Dream Guide


This is just my favorite thing! Zac makes fun of me…. how excited I get to sit down and write out our goals and dreams for the year. But whatever- he loves it too. We have an absolute insane dream this year… it involves a trailer and sno-cones and discipleship. I have no idea if it will happen but Keep Reading...