Headed to Rwanda- Want to Come? #StyleforJustice

May 14, 2014

Several years ago as we were in the adoption process in Rwanda I met Jessica Honegger. She was spunky and passionate and committed to spending her life for the good of others. Within a few months we both had our boys home and we both had launched full throttle into our passions turned full time ministry and career. The chaos of all of the blessing has bonded us deep.


Jack Honegger with Coop: Home in Austin from the same orphanage in Rwanda

A few months ago Jessica called me excitedly dreaming about a trip with some of our favorite people to our absolute favorite place.

July 11th me and a host of incredible friends and storytellers are headed to Rwanda to tell the stories of strong amazing women who are working themselves and their families out of poverty.


Noonday is offering the opportunity to include someone we may not yet know to come with us! Tell us why YOU want to join us in winning people’s hearts to chase a global vision of economic empowerment and justice, and you could win a spot on our team!

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Enter- come with us!! Do it! Meet the women behind our #StyleForJustice Story Trip. These women are changing the conversations of their generation through their blogs, leadership, social advocacy, and unique voices. Each of them will use their art to win your heart to chase a global vision of economic empowerment and justice.

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About IJM:

International Justice Mission is a global organization that protects the poor from violence throughout the developing world. IJM partners with local authorities to rescue victims of violence, bring criminals to justice, restore survivors, and strengthen justice systems. The largest non-profit organization of its kind, IJM combats slavery, sex trafficking, property grabbing, police abuse of power and sexual violence, working in nearly 20 communities throughout South and Southeast Asia, Africa and Latin America. www.IJM.org
About Noonday Collection:
Noonday Collection uses fashion and design to create economic opportunity for the vulnerable. Noonday Collection’s first trunk show was hosted by founder, Jessica Honegger, as a means to raise money for her Rwandan son’s adoption. The style and purpose of the products drew an overwhelming response and quickly grew beyond a fundraiser into a thriving business. Over 500 Ambassadors across the nation have now launched their own Noonday businesses enabling them to earn an income while empowering the vulnerable to rise out of poverty.

This is the perfect combination of so many passions for me…. Friends+Women helping women+Rwanda+ Noonday+IJM!

What would be the perfect combo of your passions? Share in the comments and let us know if you enter the competition!

28 Responses to “Headed to Rwanda- Want to Come? #StyleforJustice”

  1. Kasey Boatright

    Girl you know my heart and my dreams!!! I think it time 😉

  2. Dana Hoewt

    I am heading to South Sudan this summer to work at an orphanage….where my passion has met its purpose!
    I would love to come!

  3. Hi Jennie! When I received the e-mail this morning, my heart [and stomach!] leaped! It’s like all my God-given passions–style, advocacy, Africa, story telling–rolled into one and I would LOVE to be on this trip. I’m a mom to 9, interior decorator for our custom home building business, director/producer of a live show that gives motherhood a microphone called Listen To Your Mother and an orphan & vulnerable children advocate. I’m THRILLED about this opportunity and would be honored to join you ladies and share some of the stories of the beautiful people of Rwanda from this trip! Here is my entry:


  4. My perfect combo? impassioned women + Africa + doing good work!!! I love love love this opportunity. And right now my husband is sending me messages from work about how awesome this is. I’ve dreamed about doing something like this since I was a child and it feels like I’ve been in love with #styleforjustice since before it even existed. What an amazing group of ladies to travel with and learn from. . . I just can’t think of anything better to help launch my writing into a more purpose-driven place. Whether I go or not, I’m moved by your/the team’s vision and in awe of how your passion pushed you into these sweet places. Sigh. Dreaming!!!

  5. lisa adams

    I entered the contest! I would love nothing more than to say goodbye to suburbia and stand on African soil with all you amazing women, IJM and Noonday! This is the perfect combination of my passions…IJM has rocked my world and their pursuit of justice and prayer has impacted my faith in so many ways!

  6. SO EXCITED to hug your neck in Rwanda! I’ll be joining you there the last few days of your trip when I travel with the Noonday ambassadors. Is it bad that I may or may not have already made my packing list?

  7. I am so excited for this trip! The Lord has done a number on my heart over the years. I grew up terrified of being called to Africa, and with that came a lot of shame, guilt, and doubting my place in God’s plan and kingdom if I wasn’t willing to go to the ends of the earth. Even in simply the past year He has broken off so much of that and revealed to me that though my work and passions may be different than those around me (and that is MORE than okay because that’s how He created me) my calling is the same: to love Him and to love others. I am a firm believer that our personal stories are powerful and that storytelling is a gift we have been given by the Ultimate Storyteller and Dream Weaver. Partnering with these two organizations that I love and support would be such a blessing and a life changing experience.

    I am personally in the middle of a major shift: moving from Seattle back to Texas for the summer then jumping into grad school to pursue a master in theatre. None of those things did I ever expect to be doing, but God is good and so faithful. This trip falls right in between the major moves and I know that the Lord would use this time to impact all of us. In all my searching this year, God gave me my core: to be engaged in encouraging community, cultivating a creative life, and to invest in the lives of women in all seasons of life. I think this sounds like the perfect combo of these passions!

  8. If this was for NEXT summer, I would be jumping on this like butter on bread. Can’t wait to follow y’alls trip!!!

    • Jennie

      And I would be voting for you 100 times friend. Sad but completely understand. Hope you are well!

  9. wynne

    can’t wait to travel + story tell alongside of YOU my dear!

  10. Oh man!!!!! This is an opportunity that I have dreamt about for ages!!!!!!!! I am a photographer with a burning passion to document lives and stories. I have such a desire to travel to third world countries and tell their stories, stories of hope, healing and grace. I always thought I wanted to adopt-i felt very strongly about that since I was 19. Unfortunately, that just isn’t going to happen for me. I often wonder if I simply thought that burning passion to adopt was really the beginning stages of my love for stories and for documenting them. This would be such an amazing opportunity to use my passion and my talent for God’s purposes. HE has given me the desire and the talent and I just know that this longing in my heart needs to happen at some point. Thank you so much for opening this up for women to have the chance to advocate and to share their passions to serve others!!!!!!!

    • Donna

      Krista… your words completely resonates how I feel about this opportunity. Inasmuch, I would like to join; however, I do hope you will be that person to join with them to advocate and share each other’s passions to serve others. God’s Blessings.

    • Jennie

      Did you enter? I will go cast a vote for every exclamation point you used above! haha!


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