If God is Real #003 – Tell your story

April 30, 2012

Jennie discusses the importance of telling your story and announces her new site www.WhatIsYourAnything.com

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  • It’s difficult when you’re a writer who exposes your soul.
  • “You wrote this book for me.” is a common description
  • I feel everything you feel.
  • The problem is how we were programmed. We were told what it looks like to
  • I don’t feel that. It’s not working.
  • The more we pretend to have it together the worse we’re going to feel.


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3 Responses to “If God is Real #003 – Tell your story”

  1. Krissy


    I just want you to know how much you have meant to me. Since I stumbled upon you (in a very God way, I might add), my life has begun to radically change. The Lord has used you to reveal some areas in my life that He wants. I wish I could sit down and tell you every detail. If I lived in Texas I would beg you to mentor me! 🙂 Thank you for being so faithful, for through it you are helping all of us to take back what the enemy has stolen! Love you.
    P.S. I am currently going through Stuck. I will be picking up your book soon. You’ve mentioned how you’ve struggled with approval (same here!). Do you talk more about that in your book? I’d love to hear about it…it has been such a giant for me! Thanks Jennie!!

  2. Faith Burns


    I LOVE this book! I recently had my “temple” experience…My mentor had me read Isaiah 6 to try and get a feel for what he went through.

    I found your “Stuck” Study last fall looking for something meaningful for the college-age girls. I just kept wandering around until I saw it and then it was like when I saw the word “Stuck” I knew…that’s the one! So we got started on it and I instantly knew that I had stumbled onto something profound! The girls were preoccupied, like girls are so I postponed the study.

    Recently we had a Women’s Retreat and I was privileged to lead one of the weeks of the study at the retreat, and I choose to lead “Discontenment”. I wanted to reach the other women so bad! To let them know just what I had found in your study. The small group that attended in the afternoon went on so much about it that I led another that night~ God is so AMAZING! I was so blessed!

    Right before we had left I found out that you would be at WOF here in Denver this year! Woot Woot! So when I got back I read my Group Leader Newsletter and low and behold…there was your new book “Anything”! I tried to buy it, but it was sold out on the WOF site so I immediately went to a well known book site and promptly put one on hold so I could pick it up the next day!

    I had never thought to look and see if you had a blog or website, silly me. So, I looked you up and found…so much wonderful stuff. Then I clicked on the “Compel Project”. (Hang in there, I know I’m long winded…It’s all for His Glory! I promise!) I began reading about your project to bring women together, 6 or 8 at a time, and my office became stock still and I couldn’t breathe, or move…I had NEVER felt the presence of God like that in my life before! (Granted, I’m a baby Christian. Only Saved by Grace by our beautiful Savior by His blood for one year, seven months, and thirteen days at that very moment.) I’ve felt His presence before though, even when I wasn’t Saved. But nothing like this! The tears started running down my face and all I could think was “What do You want from me God?” and CRYSTAL CLEAR in my mind and heart He said to “Take this Compel Project to the women of your church~ NOW.” I felt afraid, I don’t like rejection but my response couldn’t be anything other than “Anything for You Father.” He has set a BURNING inside of me!

    God is doing mighty things in our church! I can’t wait to see you at WOF this year and I know you have another study coming out this fall called “Chase”. I only hope that I can be as brave as you and Zach and follow through on my “Anything for you Father.” Thank you for writing the study, and this new book~ I am so grateful for what God is doing through you! Be blessed!

    Faith Burns

  3. I guess I have been living under a rock lately. I just now saw the trailer for Anything. Looks SO good. I remember my anything several years ago. At 35 and still single, my anything was to be married to a godly man. For 2 or 3 years I remember an actual physical ache, a longing that nothing could ease. And in those moments, through tears, I would tell God that no matter what I would still love Him and serve Him – even if He never gave me the desire of my heart. As painful as those days were, I look back on them very fondly as they were sweet moments of worshiping God above all else – above anything. I so love your heart.


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