If God is Real – Episode #002

April 1, 2012

Here is the second part of Jennie’s story and more about the book coming out this week, Anything.

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2 Responses to “If God is Real – Episode #002”

  1. Emilie Bauer

    Your new book is a gift from God. You cautioned us not to “run ahead of our husbands” but that doesn’t mean they can’t catch up. I read your book (in one day cover to cover) and prayed. That night my husband dreamed a significant, message-filled dream that moved him forward in his faith, so perhaps my faith was counted to him for righteousness!

    • Shea Lea Roberson

      Jennie–I was cruising the endcaps of Lifeway and saw a book with Jennie with an “ie” as the author. I thought–hm you don’t see that often–could that be Jennie Stowers. I’m so glad your picture was on the back! Wow! I just got the book yesterday and I’m almost finished. You are an amazing writer!! I’m so impressed with all you’ve been doing. I’ve had an awakening in the past five years and my God is no longer plastic! I would love to catch up sometime. I think the last time I talked with you was through your blog a few years ago. You were in the adoption process, but hadn’t recieved your referral yet. We have been praying about where to adopt from for the last couple of years, but have put that on hold now, because I’m pregnant! God has a great sense of humor! All in His timing!! I’m so excited to hear your “If God is Real…” episodes!! Love ya!! Shea Lea


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