February 10, 2014

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How do we thank you? God moved through you and your courage to brave the unknowns with us. And now we look ahead and say what is next? I told you my greatest fear was that we would leave our gathering and go do great things and miss God altogether. Simple and Pure. These are our two words.

So beginning today, we will seek the face of God through His Word together. I know some of you woke up this morning and wondered- what is my race? Our time with Jesus is where our perspective shifts. Out of our love and nearness to Him, He will lead us with His Spirit.

“And let us consider how we may spur one another on toward love and good deeds.” Hebrews 10:24 
I believe nothing could unleash the Spirit of God more than His daughters humbly coming before Him every day- meeting with Him. This is what I’ve been losing sleep over….

The Vision

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Read the daily passage of Scripture {Monday-Friday}.


Pray and process in your journal these three questions:

IF we believe this to be true… THEN

What does this mean about God?
What does this mean about you?
What does this mean about the world?


Listen to IF:Gathering women as they process the very same passage of scripture.


Share what the Holy Spirit reveals to you in the comments section or on our IF:Equip Facebook page.

Join us today as we begin reading the book of John.


Can’t wait to see what happens as we read and study together. Let’s go.

8 Responses to “IF:Equip”

  1. One of my Bible Study friends sent me the link to your daily devotional. Which I was glad to do with this great group of Christian women! But I’m so sorry to say this but every time I open the link and see the women on their knees praying in a position similar to how we see Muslims in prayer all over the news right now!! I get a strong sense to stop right there!
    I totally understand the that we need to humble ourselves before our mighty God! Im also sure it would be an easy task to find a visual of us praying together as Christian American women coming together. I am so sorry to complain! And I’m sure that thought didn’t cross anyone’s mind when they were creating that photo just humbling ourselves. I just felt led to share that the message might not be coming across as it was intended. I do hope you’ll at least pray and consider making this change to your web page. Thank you.
    Sister in Christ, Micki Johns

  2. Piper Thomas

    Thank you!!! So good to gather with other women and hear from God as a corporate body.

  3. I love what you have started with if:gathering. I am so encouraged but I think just today I realized that my questions of where do I run are from the wrong place like james 4:2. I must pray and ask my eyes to be open to my opportunities to serve like not replicating what I see others do. the only way is to pray. Shut off the noise and listen for His voice. Audience of 1! Thank you for listening to Gods call to allow him to begin transformation in me.In Him.

  4. Mindy Ward

    Thank you for stepping up and following God’s call to lead IF. It was a beautiful weekend full of lots of processing…and the processing continues. I am super excited and looking forward to the IF:Equip Bible studies.

    For years, I have struggled with feelings of inadequacy because of heath issues and decreased stamina. Because of this we are not able to adopt, foster, (fill in whatever you want), etc… However, I really felt God freeing me from that this weekend and helping me focus on the things I can do. My life is not going to look like others and that is okay.

    This weekend also gave me the courage to take baby steps to follow paths I feel like God has put before us. Not easy paths. Paths that are filled with doubt and fear. But, as one of the speakers said (paraphrase), “Because Jennie Allen followed the path God had for her, thousands of lives have been touched. What if she had not followed that path? What if you do not follow your path?”

    So, I say thank you. Thank you for following. Thank you for leading. Thank you for challenging.


  5. Jennie…. I had the privilege of studying this summer with the GMG group as we read your book Anything. It has been working on me ever since and pushing me in some very dramatic ways and then came Restless…. it is eating my lunch! I am being convicted and stretched every single time I pick it up. I am reading and chewing on everything you share. I came late to the table on the IF:Gathering information and hope to be able to purchase the online sessions but this new venture…. the IF:Equip is just what I needed and it is starting in my very favorite book of the Gospels. John was a book I read 20 years ago when I was in turmoil over a miscarriage and I was part of a Bible Study Fellowship group of women and the words of God and the women of God were such a comfort to me as I went through that time of my life. Since then John has been a book I run to often. Thank you for hearing God and being obedient because it is making a difference in my life because you are. God bless you and I look forward to this journey with you and the other ladies as we are being equipped to go forth. Thank you!

  6. Unable to be at the IF Gathering and worked that weekend. Hopefully, I can catch up.


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