New Year, New Dream Guide

December 30, 2015

2016  Dream Guide


This is just my favorite thing! Zac makes fun of me…. how excited I get to sit down and write out our goals and dreams for the year. But whatever- he loves it too. We have an absolute insane dream this year… it involves a trailer and sno-cones and discipleship. I have no idea if it will happen but just dreaming about it makes my blood pump faster and sparks other ideas and hopes as well. Plus it is just fun to think about what could be.

This is our chance friends to change course, to formulate the next chapter of our lives.

Honestly 2015 was intense but it was the year I chose to enjoy my life (even the difficult things) rather than just survive it. If we aren’t intentional- that is what ends up happening, rather than living, we survive.

So stop everything, grab a friend or family member and dream, plan, and step out of the accidental boxes that have erected around the way we live and the way we think. It’s in these first moments that we can go facedown before God with open hands and say, ‘Not our will, but Your’s” and I cannot wait to see what He has in store!

This is the simple process Zac and I have used for years to reflect back on the last year, but also pray through the next year.


Submit your email below and we will send you the guide. It is just a few pages to guide you through this process. Post photos of your time taking inventory and use the hashtag #2016dreamguide. I can’t wait to see your dreams- keep us posted.


Dream Guide

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  1. Abigail Moore

    Could I still be sent the dream guide? The link no longer works.

  2. Hi there! I know it’s already July, but I’d love a copy of the 2016 Dream Guide to fill out for the remaining half of the year. Is there any way you could still send me the file? When I try to input my email in the “blanks” above, it takes me to an expired/nonexistent page. Would love any feedback you could provide. Thanks!

  3. Susan linderman

    I am looking for flyers and posters to the Bible study series “Restless.” Are they available and where can I get them?


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