Restless Project 5: Passions & Mystery

April 2, 2014

Week 5 up! Love you friends. What a joy this has been. Wish we could all meet in person next week for a party. The last few weeks have been such a gift to me and to Jaime. Next week we will cover part three of the book. Post your threads and we will walk through a few!




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And so thankful for Angela Perritt from GMG sharing her story with us. Her threads:


What are you dreaming about lately?


3 Responses to “Restless Project 5: Passions & Mystery”

  1. Jennie, This comment has nothing to do with the video lessons, but since we just finished discussing the Passions chapter in the weekly study of your book that I hold in my home, I figured this was a good place to post this comment. 🙂 I just want to say that you have really encouraged me through your book, Restless. Today we were talking and I mentioned your comment about Beth Moore and how you wrestled with why you should write because she was so amazing, basically. And I told my group that I am SO glad you wrote because I have never done a Beth Moore study. I needed your words. Beth Moore is great and well loved and all that … but I needed YOU. Someone in my group told me that I should tell you that, so there … I just did. 🙂 Thank you. Thank you for following your call and writing. xomk

  2. I’m writing to invite you to join the new Bible Gateway Blogger Grid (BG²). If you’d like details, please email me. Thanks.

  3. Jennie,
    Thanks so much for doing the live weekly videos! I loved seeing your sisters tonight and the unique places God is using you all!
    It’s interesting to go through a book like this when I feel like I’m in the middle of my places of calling, but so much resonated with me from this video of the things the Lord has taught me along the path – taking just the next step, waiting on Him, what it’s like between the time you feel the Lord has really revealed something and it actually coming to pass (fighting fear and doubt and believing instead!), and on an on. I so appreciate your ministry which is biblical and focused on bringing glory to God and good to other people.
    Oh, and the question – I almost forgot to answer – I am not a visionary (more of an administrative, detailed kind of person who can assist a visionary), so I’ve never considered “dreaming” before this. Perhaps I’ve done it and not known it consciously. God has been gracious to me to give clear callings when I wouldn’t have known what to seek or dream. It occurred to me that maybe He is the dream giver more than I the dreamer, if that makes sense. I am challenged by this idea to dream, though, and am reflecting on these things and what the Lord has spoken to me through the book/videos. Thank you.
    By the way, I suspect we have a number of mutual friends as we were in Dallas in the mid-90s when my husband was at DTS. I enjoyed our time in TX! Also an SEC fan – Go Vols! 🙂 Had to laugh about that tonight! Fun to share things in common. Grateful for you and your ministry.


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