Restless Project Live: Week 6

April 9, 2014

These weeks have meant so much to me.  I’ve loved doing life online together.  I have a feeling this online chat thing will make a comeback soon.  It’s just too fun!  Thank you to everyone involved!

I’d still love to see your threads laid out.  Send them to me via  Facebook or Instagram using the hashtag #RestlessProject.

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Finally, let’s close this out with sharing in the comments:

I am leaving behind ____________ and moving toward_________________.


3 Responses to “Restless Project Live: Week 6”

  1. Kathy

    Thank you for all your efforts,talents, gifts through restless project.
    I appreciate your transparency and hungry heart for God, you have a refreshing spirit.
    So much truth in what you share.
    Appreciate Jamie Ivey too! So fun, such a heart for God. Love her application of God’s dream.
    Our family has taken the journey of adoption as well 3 amazing boys.

    Blessings my friend,
    Thanks for helping women move forward

  2. I couldn’t do almost any of the Monday nights, but I have been keeping up and I just wanted you to know that between if:gathering and I have been messed up. (In the best way possible of course.) I just thought I’d let you know that because of all this after so much prayer and consideration I begged for help with my babies on Tuesday and started writing a book and got the courage to ask our women’s minister if I could try teaching one of our Thursday studies for a short period of time. I don’t care if anyone reads the book or comes to the study, I’m just so glad to actually be doing what God wants me to do that I am actually visibly relieved.

    Thank you for your boldness and inspiration!

  3. jennie,

    i couldn’t make it monday night as i have on all of the other weeks, but i listened as soon as i got home that day! i am so thankful for restless. this book has really helped me to process through some of things that i feel like God has been leading me toward over the past couple of years. i’m leaving behind a lot of confusion and moving toward living by faith. it’s easy to say i live by faith, but it’s been really obvious to me through reading this book that i have some dreams that i believe only God could give me that i would rather hold onto and not pursue for fear of the unknown and “putting myself out there.”

    my husband and i live in spearfish, south dakota. we’re texans at heart, but we moved here to help plant a church almost 3 years ago. his job: college and worship pastor. the more that we work with college students at Black Hills State University, the more i fall in love with teaching college women about Jesus. i love leading a connection group (Bible study) and meeting them one on one for discipleship. i love seeing them begin to read God’s Word and share their faith with friends! of course, my college years were some of my hardest, and i can see how this thread of suffering is allowing me to connect with girls who might otherwise write me off as a perfect little pastor’s wife.

    anyways, that’s just a little snippet. one of my connection group girls told me last night that she started reading restless. she wants to get together to talk about it – she’s pretty excited about what’s she’s read so far. eeek! can’t wait!

    thank you for writing this book.
    jill davis

    p.s. – julie manning was my pine cove counselor in fifth grade and a really big part of my story in trusting Christ as my Lord and Savior. her camp nickname was chunky monkey!

    p.p.s. – one of the girls i meet with for discipleship worked at lost valley last summer. she said they do these stories called “I am from…” to help the staff get to know each other. she shared her “I am from…” with my connection group this semester and it has led to girls sharing their stories every week about how they met Jesus. this was a gamechanger for my group…this is when real community started to happen. i thought your sister might be encouraged by this.


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