Restless Project

November 21, 2013

This week my site got a little makeover and in celebration we thought it would be fun to have a little giveaway.

Advanced reader copies of Restless are here! Here goes again- my blood and guts for all to read.


I believe in this project… I believe in it because as I wrote it, I lived it with women here in Austin and God moved. He set some free to dream again for the first time since college, he convicted some women of specific callings they had ignored and some of all of the fears holding them back.

This is a project about God inspired risk and what is holding us back?

Here is the book trailer:

And here is the study trailer:

These projects aren’t built without you all believing in them… so thank you for praying and cheering and supporting me through the creation, and I pray and hope so deeply that God will light fires in and through you with these words that will never go out.

Our God is real. Our God is coming. Our God has plans for us.

There is important work here for us friends… we’d best get after it.

We’re giving away Advanced Reader’s Copies of Restless to 20 people who comment below with the story behind their answer to the following question:

“I am restless for _____________________________. ” #restlessproject

Tell us what you are restless for in the comment section below then share it on social media by using the hashtag #restlessproject by Tuesday, November 26, and you will be entered into our giveaway.

These days I am restless for unity because I know it’s possible. I know that the Enemy uses it to hold us back, but I dream of a time where we’re cheering one another on as we live crazy bold lives together.

So would you be willing to review Restless? That’s all that is asked in return. Write a review of the book on Amazon on the release date (January 7, 2014) and/or your personal blog.

What are you restless for?

389 Responses to “Restless Project”

  1. I am restless for…healing and restoration. My heart has recently been drawn to those women who society says are “undesirable” or “dirty” or “bad”. Namely, strippers and prostitutes. So many were trafficked into this lifestyle of pain and shame, and I have such a restless desire to help them – to speak to them – to pray for healing in every area of their lives. I want to see God magnified in a HUGE way in the lives of these women and girls. It’s just something that has kept me up at night and brought me to tears for the past few months.

  2. Haley Alexander

    I am a college student restless to see how the future will play out. Restless to see if going hard after dreams will be worth it. Restless to see if changing my major to pursue my dreams with a roommate, and dreaming big together will be worth it.

  3. I am restless for security.
    We’ve been through a ton of financial problems related to job loss and health problems for the past several years. I’m just ready to be done, have all of our bills paid and feel like I can look forward to the future without the past clinging on to us.

  4. I am restless for joy and peace in my family as my daughters, friends, and I earnestly pray that my husband will surrender his hard heart and embrace the grace of Christ Jesus.

  5. LExi Mitchell

    I am restless for more passion in my walk with Christ! He has filled my heart and soul with His love and grace and I want to shout it out, shout it out! I can’t believe that I am so blessed to be His daughter and life in His love!

    I am restless for more hours in the day to worship, praise, sing, and give Glory to GOD!!!

    Blessings, Jennie


  6. Restless to find a community where I can belong for once in my life.

  7. Sheridan Hall

    I am restless for the revelation of truth to women while our society feeds us lies. #restlessproject


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