May 15, 2013

This happened two years ago today. In the adoption world- this is known as “Gotcha Day.”

Cooper Coming Home from Jennie Allen on Vimeo.



I still can hear God whisper occasionally, “…look at what you could have missed Jennie.”

I miss you guys. I am coming back with so much to tell you. So much coming. I can’t wait. But I am working on all of it right now. So don’t go anywhere!

8 Responses to “Still….”

  1. I LOVE this video! My brother is adopted from Vietnam and I can remember the day my mom brought him home. Precious moments that remind you how good our God is and how intricate and amazing His plans for our lives are- that He would bring together a family from across the world. 🙂

  2. This is soooo sweet! He is sure a blessed little boy, to to have been adopted by a family like yours. Thank you for sharing!

  3. Thank you so much for sharing your families journey with Cooper. I have a sweet young friend that waits(15+ months) for the child God has for her and her family in Ethiopia. It’s been a roller coaster but they remain strong and hopeful. Many prayers are prayed over them and the child as they wait. She was so encouraged by your story and to see that it really does happen. God has given her peace about it all. It was a great weekend at ladies retreat and I thank you for every word. It’s heavy on my heart how I get so busy and caught up in the things of life that I’m not making much of Jesus. It’s a hard thought that so many have never heard His name. Thank you.

    Would you please whisper a prayer for my friend Angie as she waits for the child that God has already placed in her heart. Thanks Jennie.

  4. Mandi Miller

    Hi, Jennie! I just wanted to tell you what a beautiful family you have and what an inspiration you are to so many of your sisters in Christ! Thank you for your transparency and obedience.

  5. Jennie,
    I’m doing Chase right now at our church and just noticed you adopted from Rwanda from the back of the book. We went on two mission trips as a family to Rwanda–November 2010 and December 2011. I might have gotten to hug Cooper and I certainly prayed for him if he was at Home of Hope in 2010. Video looks like it might be that orphanage. Here’s my blogpost about our visit to Home of Hope:
    We thought our kids might be in Rwanda (maybe they are still) but God also added to our family last year 4 kids from Colombia–making 7 kids so far. (I say “so far” as if we would do this again, but after home almost a year with 4 new ones, God will have to continue to do a mighty work IN ME). This year has been summed up in one word for me: refinement.
    Bless you and the work God continues to do–Rwanda has a special place in my heart and we hope to go back.

  6. Such a touching video – it made me tear up. thank you for taking the time to share it as you are busy, busy with projects to come – excited to hear about what you have been working on.


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