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June 3, 2013


First, as important as this post is to me, this is still not the big announcement that is coming. Very soon. I promise we are all working hard to get it ready to share with you.

A few years ago I was invited into the enormous board room at the headquarters of a publisher. I didn’t have a brilliant proposal or a big platform and yet dozens of important people stood around the room to consider partnering with a girl nobody knew, who had never published a book. God brought me there that day and gave me unearned favor- not so I could get published, not so I could build a big ministry, but so that He could have one more way to get to his people.

Many other teachers and writers have found themselves with similar opportunities and most of us feel this way about our job of teaching and writing about God. We do our best to allow him to take our words to get to his people. And that is one method God has always used, from Moses to the prophets to the apostles to the church. However, it isn’t enough.

It turns out, when people are hurting maybe even hurting for God, they rarely go to a book store or even to a church.

So that day as I nervously and very unimpressively shared my vision with the room full of important people I knew I could never get to the people who most needed God- I would need your help. This was the simple terribly unflashy vision I shared with that board room 2 years ago:

“I picture huddles of hungry hurting women gathered in living rooms, dorm rooms, cubicles, neighborhoods safe enough to share their souls and consider God. I picture women giving women God.”

I held my little studies that had been accomplishing that goal in my small community and said,

“Maybe these are just some of the tools that could help women feel brave enough to do that.”

Summer is a unique season, people feel a little more relaxed, a little less stressed so I gathered a few of my writing friends with the same mission and together we ask if you would be brave enough to take these little tools we have built and gather 3-8 women in your workplace, neighborhood, or on your campus to consider God.

Some of the women you ask may ask know Him well and just need friends to go deeper with. Others that come to mind may clearly be running from God. But… what if they came? What if you asked them courageously and they said, “yes”?

So we are asking you to dream about who needs God around you and invite them to join you for several weeks to talk about God.

Mark your time and place, ask your people, and grab a study.

Today over 7000 of you all over the world, thanks to generous translators are beginning this vision here. Maybe you want to join that awesome tribe. But pray and dream- life is short and if we believe heaven and Jesus aren’t pretend, we should seize every opportunity we have to give him away. What on earth do we have to lose?

Some of my writer friends with the help of our publishers have graciously assembled
15 copies of our studies to give away here. So share this post, invite your friends and leave a comment about who you will be gathering. One week from today we will announce the winners.

Stuck: The Places We Get Stuck & the God Who Sets Us Free – by Jennie Allen

Chase: Chasing After the Heart of God – by Jennie Allen

The 7 Experiment: Stage Your Own Mutiny Against Excess – by Jen Hatmaker

Nehemiah: A Heart That Can Break – by Kelly Minter

Gideon: Your Weakness, God’s Strength – by Priscilla Shirer

*** Congratulations to the 15 winners we will send you a study soon! ***

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99 Responses to “Summer Study”

  1. Laura

    I am doing “Anything” with my mom, sister, and a couple ladies from church. In the fall we will be doing “Stuck” in our Wednesday night ladies Bible study.

    • Laura

      I forgot to add that I have printed out the “Anything” study for my girls to do along with me.

  2. Susan Tilney

    “Anything” is a game changer. Wonderful book, have read it through a few times, have loaned it out; it truly makes a difference! Thank you for that!!

  3. Victoria

    Several friends and I are beginning the Anything Study with GMG and I am so excited to begin today! Thank you 🙂

  4. Peggy

    We are starting the Anything study today with a group on Facebook, I am so excited!! Would love to read more of your books! Thanks!

  5. We are doing the Stuck study right now with my group, but I would LOVE to do the Gideon study next!

  6. I just finished Chase and would love to do this next one with some amazon ladies in my church life group and hope to invite two of my unsaved co-workers as well!!

  7. I enjoyed “7” and have read your book “Anything” and loved that, and any of these books would be so exciting for me to win and work through with some friends. You so hit it right on, talking about the desire to “go” and serve, when we have so much need for connection with others and so much sharing the Lord we can do right here, right now. I really love this idea! Thanks, Jennie!

  8. Karen

    I did Stuck with my neighbors in the spring and it was SO special! If our house has not sold by August, I am wanting to do either Chase or Nehemiah!

  9. I am doing Stuck now with our Mops group and plan to do Chase next..would love to be able to bring the Nehemiah study to our group as well! Thank you!

    • Casey Johnson

      Our small women’s Bible study is finishing “Stuck” this week. We’ve all really enjoyed the sharing that the study encouraged. We’d love to do one of the other studies as well. Thank you! (I came to the site to see Jennie’s new son… adorable!)


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