The Road to IF and a Bigger Faith

January 28, 2014

I just wanted to say thank you. It’s been quite a month with Restless and IF:Gathering  launching and as you can imagine when you do anything important resistance is sure to come. And it has in various forms- but just as I get discouraged one of you will post something or tell me you are praying for us and it pulls us back. You are in so many ways fellow kindred runners.

I barely go a few hours without talking to one of our leadership team. We have become the dearest of friends not the kind built over coffee and giggles (although there has been a lot of that. Lots of that.)  But this is more the type of sisterhood forged over tears and fear and faith and hopes that seem too big to be real. We all held barely a mustard seed of faith… and now it’s growing into more of a force. Because behind all of the pretty things we have seen God move.  We are braver and bolder because of him.

Your stories have joined ours and we are in this together for God’s glory in our time.

I remember writing these words- now two years ago. IF didn’t have a name yet- it was just a hint of something. I knew God was stirring and yet I couldn’t quite tell what it would be. I just knew I was afraid and I wanted more and I was learning that I wasn’t alone.

DECEMBER 5, 2011


Where are the next generation of women leaders?

We are passionately dreaming behind closed doors. But we are all terrified to stand up and lead. We are afraid of being hated and equally afraid of being liked and followed and we are trying to stay in love with Jesus enough to do it anyway. There are a few jumping up and down trying to get everyone’s attention, but most of us are sitting, dreading raising our hand because we’re scared what it means.

Where is the next Beth Moore or Kay Arthur?

With all the respect we have for these women, our mentors, it’s impossible to fill shoes like these. It seems there is a road in the wilderness but it is difficult to find.

We want something. It isn’t fame or platforms. We want a revolution and most of us wish someone else would start it.

We’re embarrassingly cynical and shoot leaders down for sport- so we’re all afraid to lead. But we need to be led.

I’m asking you to hold your fire.

Let some of us stand up and try. The stirrings of a revolution are in the works…. I am in the meetings and hear the whispers. God is gathering a force and change is coming and it comes from Him. But help our fears… we are afraid to lead. Because honestly we are afraid we will stand up and be wrong or even right but either way we are going to get stoned.

It’s going to be different… it won’t be a tweaked version of old dreams. These are new and scary and uncomfortable dreams but they are from God. He builds things like this… people don’t.

Together, if we all keep our heads down and follow our Jesus, something is going to happen. A generation of women who have quietly been reading and longing and dreaming and falling in love with God are about to wake up. We are about to let God run wild through us…. together.

I feel it. We live once and then we meet God. We want to live lives that matter for eternal things. We want to be a generation who followed with reckless abandonment a God who was real to us.

But we need each other.

Hold your fire and we will try to be brave.


Friends- it has happened- we are coming together. I see a generation rising… We have stepped up for God’s glory and the good of others and you have too. And I believe in full faith that He will move among us in new ways. Ways that expand our faith and courage even more. Keep praying. I can’t wait to do this together in days.

God is real and we can’t wait to see what He will do through his children together- wild and full of faith. 

What are you praying for IF:Gathering and for yourself and for our world?



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46 Responses to “The Road to IF and a Bigger Faith”

  1. I found you while looking for a small bible study to do with three friends. Since then, God has had me on quite the journey. I have spent a decade learning to hear God’s voice and bravely walking where He’s leading. It hasn’t been easy. It’s so easy to feel misunderstood…bc people (sometimes even those close to you) can’t hear exactly what God is whispering to your soul. They hear your version of it, but sometimes you get in the way and it just leaves them wondering what you are doing. I just keep putting one foot in front of the other, knowing that I have heard from the Lord and must follow Him.

    Over the years, people have encouraged me to write. I constantly feel like I have little to nothing to say… yet, often, feel so overwhelmed by God that I can’t keep my mouth closed. This happens often in bible study groups… and women have said I should keep a blog or write a book. But I find, year after year, like I have nothing to say. So weird… bc I KNOW God wants to do something HUGE in and through women.

    This blog post is speaking so clearly to me. God has told me the very same thing. We need leaders. Someone has to be brave. I want to be brave, too.

    So while I’m going to be brave enough to ask God to show me how that might unfold, my husband was offered a job in Saudi Arabia. Yes, right now ISIS groups and news stories with beheaded Christians fill the mass media… But God is the shining hope in this mess. But I’m afraid. I have 7 small children… and the thought of packing them all up again (God has moved our family a bunch in the last decade) not only tires me out at the mere thought of it…but the Middle East? Now, God? Talk about fears. Of course the enemy won’t miss the opportunity. So thank you for this. All of this. For your obedience in following God’s prompt to reach out to women across the globe… He is doing a mighty work. We have limited time… and He’s raising women up all over. I’m grateful to pray along side you for a cease fire. Praying women band together… for the Joy of the Lord is our strength. Be blessed.

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  3. “It’s going to be different… it won’t be a tweaked version of old dreams. These are new and scary and uncomfortable dreams but they are from God.”


    And Jennie–great job at the IF gathering!! I feel God’s smile all over you. Way to obey and lead the way!

    I sat in a jam packed room with a bunch of ladies who are more hungry for change now. And the Holy Spirit used you to help light their fires.

    We worshipped with you. Sought God’s face with you. And now we’re ready to rise up for Jesus with you. For His glory and honor on these great last days on this earth.

    Lord, I’ll do what you want me to do. Go where you want me to go. And be what you want me to be!

  4. I feel this in my soul. The Spirit is stirring. I’m feeling exactly what you’re feeling. Something is coming. Something big. And it’s all to do with women. This phrase has come to me in the quiet moments- “Revival will come when the women gather.” And I believe it. But I also feel terrified. I feel like a baby 24 year old newlywed wannabe actor poet blogger who knows nothing about nothing. But I do know is it’s all about Jesus.

    And now I have to scramble and register for the IF Gathering right this second before I forget. I’m glad I didn’t miss it!

  5. Vanessa Gargana

    You speak (write) what I think in my heart! I have been compiling a book (well, 2 possibly 3 actually) for YEARS! I don’t know ‘how’ to write it but God is showing me, in His time, which seems slow but is certainly just right! I have the book titles, I see the covers, I understand the demographic, yet I await the ongoing focus and timing of the Holy Spirit to let me out of the gate to run ~ “My heart is overflowing with a good theme; I recite my composition concerning the King: My tongue is the pen of a ready writer.” Psalm 45:1 ‘Thank You Jesus, for Jenny – for Your leading and her obedience and encouragement. May we shine for You and reflect You as we press forward to do Your will. Please strengthen Jenny continually and each of us as we seek Your face to discern our paths today and onward. May You be glorified Lord by each daughter that You strengthen and help to rise and shine for You! In Jesus name ~ Amen’ *Thank you Jenny! I appreciate your encouragement!

  6. Sunni Larsen

    Praying that fear, insecurity, “I can’t,” and “I am not good enough” would no longer paralyze me. I want to be a part of what God is doing for His Kingdom and His Glory.

  7. Yes! Yes! I think this is true as well I see it. I actually.. feel and dream it as well but like you’ve mentioned, scared. Scared of doing things out loud. :/ I have been praying for God to use me for a few months now, not sure when or how He will but this has become my purpose in life, to be part of His purpose. I hope He will do that for me and that I will know when I am being called. Thanks for the post. God bless you

  8. I have had an urge to do something with girls, women, our callings, and our relationships for about 4 years now. It is time. I am so excited to see how God will move at If and the months that follow. Thank you for following God in this, Jennie. You inspire me.

    “Together, if we all keep our heads down and follow our Jesus, something is going to happen. A generation of women who have quietly been reading and longing and dreaming and falling in love with God are about to wake up. We are about to let God run wild through us…. together.” Yes! :)