Unglued (a giveaway)

August 21, 2012

****Winners are Misty Keith and Amy Hunt****

Lysa is a new friend who just wrapped her arms around my in this speaking/ publishing gig. I  officially love her and was so happy to have the chance to talk about her book today and offer you a few copies as well. She asked me to share a time I became unglued. This was a few years ago- now a couple of these kids are nearly teenagers and it doesn’t get easier (they also don’t let me match them at Easter anymore- dang it.) …

One these cute kids got in trouble today at school.  I shall never reveal their identity.  They are preacher kids- they don’t need any extra attention from my blog.  Although it is safe to rule out the one in pink.

Unfortunately it was the second time in the last week.  When I read the email from the teacher my heart just broke- you know- you just kind of want to either crawl in a hole and cry or string the kid upside down till they repent.

But instead I got in my car and went to the school.

It was 1:00.
I walked in and knocked on the classroom door- asked for my child and then headed for the car silently.  I did not say a word as my child pleaded with me to tell where we were going.
I just drove.

(Remember  that I know I am a little dramatic and phsyco.  Just want everyone to remember that I know.)

I drove up to my favorite cafe.  And still without a word of explanation, we sit and I order my favorite cake and two waters.  Fear has officially set in and perhaps a slight thought like…. MY MOm IS InsaNE!

I look into precious rebel eyes and say…….


“You will change. You will stop choosing to act as if God is not in you. And I am crazy about you.”

“And we are here celebrating the end of your hard heart and this mutiny.  We are celebrating that it is over…. officially over.  Today.”

(well I didn’t really use the word mutiny- but the rest is pretty much verbatim.)

We went on to talk a lot about life in the land of short crazy people and I think I do see a little shift in those eyes.  A little recognition that living as a rebel just does not fare well for you and submitting may be the only way to ever do anything fun with short crazy people again!

That was a day my blood boiled… I was unglued. Panic had set in and my emotions were headed to beat this child into submission. I remember driving and for quite some time- not knowing where I was driving.

My dear new friend Lysa TerKheurst’s new book is out and I think all of us need it. Because our blood boils a lot if we are honest. Lysa has the gift of making you not feel crazy… all the while kicking you in the behind to change.

I love this woman! I already love this book (though I just cracked it). Go get it here. Or share this post and/ or tell us one word of something that gets you unglued and we’ll choose a couple of you to get a copy for free!

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60 Responses to “Unglued (a giveaway)”

  1. Lysa is a dear, sweet friend. I’ll never forget our first encounter, nor the emails and encouragements she has sent to strengthen my walk with the Lord over the past almost 10 years. She is a precious blessing and it delights my heart to see the family of God encouraging one another in ministry.

  2. Lee Ann

    I’m currently preparing to lead your study “Stuck,” but have simultaneously been reading excerpts from Lysa’s new book on my daily emails….I think it is no coincidence that God has had these two books/studies cross paths when I stopped by your blog today. I thank BOTH of you for being so real and vulnerable and willing to let us see you “without makeup.” In fact, we kept going back and forth trying to decide which book to use for our women’s study at church! We’ll have to do Unglued next. 🙂 Please pray for a group of women in the Waco, Texas, area who I will be teaching/encouraging to take an honest, hard look at their expectations of life and to let God sink into every little nook and cranny. Please pray for me to show vulnerability like you all have done, so that I can speak Truth into their lives and be an authentic vessel for God to use. Blessings and thank you for letting the Lord take over your lives and time and energy writing these books!

  3. Maryzoe

    As I sit here 9 days before the start of school, it’s getting rough. I’m praying for wisdom and patience, but it’s a rough road sometimes. It seems as though they are kind and generous everywhere but here at home. But then again, the same could be said of me.

  4. Annie S

    I have heard good things about this book! I come unglued when my kids fight with one another and are selfish!

  5. I come unglued when Iam not heard. My husband and 4 sons lead such busy lives and I get angry and abrasive with them when I feel like they are not fully listening to me. It goes back to my feelings of feeling unworthy of love that I dealt with for many years.


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