Beautiful Things…..

May 20, 2011


As Cooper played soccer today in the back yard giggling with my other kids, I could feel God whispering to me….

What if you had been too afraid to obey me Jennie? Look at what you would have missed.

For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.

Our dear dear friend Jessica Taylor has traveled with us and captured the experience. We are forever thankful.

Cooper’s Rwandan given middle name means: “The will of God.”

God’s will be done on earth as it is in heaven.

50 Responses to “Beautiful Things…..”

  1. Wow, here I am crying again! Happy happy tears. Thank you Jennie (and family) for letting us see what is going on there and to see the joy in all of your faces, especially Cooper’s. God is so good! Please tell Jessica she has done an AMAZING job of capturing the moments and the emotion.

  2. bekah

    so thankful you shared those precious photographs…it’s truly beautiful and I too am bawling my eyes out. love you guys to pieces! can you come home now? 🙂

  3. JIll Barker

    Jennie –
    I’ve been following your blog for months and anticipating the arrival of Cooper along with you and your family. Praising God for the beautiful addition to your family and praying for the transition for all of you. Thanks for sharing….weeping!

    Love, Jill (Brooke’s Lost Valley bestie)!

  4. Rachel Haithcoat

    There are a lot of tears of joy being shared for this precious little boy and the whole Allen family right now. So excited for you all. God is go good. Love you.

  5. Chrys

    Oh, tears! He does make beautiful things. I’m rejoicing with your family.

  6. Jeff Haithcoat

    Watching this makes all the routine of life fall away and reminds me that there are so many great things we can do in life if we only use a fraction of the love God gives us. Love has no cultural barrier as you can see in Cooper’s face in that video. And for you guys to give him that gift that he may never have known – as simple as a hug and a kiss and as big as loving him as your son – is truly inspirational. Thanks for sharing this very personal family story.

  7. Stephanie

    CRYING!!! Oh wow…so excited for y’all 🙂 great job Jess on the video!

  8. LOVE IT! Congratulations! I am so proud that you did choose to overcome all of your fears to go get your boy! I love the pic of he and Z laughing and I love the pic of Z and all 4 of our kids laughing! So precious! What a blessing Jessica is! I also love the sun glasses pictures because I remember Tiki taking my sunglasses right in the court yard!

  9. Jen Corzine

    There are so many things to say…but for now I’ll just say this. After seeing a million pictures of him on the floor rolling around his various 4-wheeled toys, I am absolutely convinced that he and Ben Spears are going to be BFFs for life.


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