A Big Vision: Dominoes Falling

Last night blew our minds! We hosted a live vision cast from my living room to share the next steps in the vision for IF:Gathering. Thankfully I feel that God has been clear and I can't wait to share with you! This vision is big and we need you. So if you missed and want to know what is coming, here you go:

The response has been tremendous! Leaders rising up around the world to take initiative for their place. Mark your place here.

In my vision it was lights but I think in reality it's google map pins.

I was a bit fired up.... Nobles is used to me but seemed to be laughing inside as I poured out my guts. Pretty typical and yet she did just move from Nashville to Austin to help me lead this thing. Down deep she is inspired- I just know it.

Screen Shot 2014-07-23 at 1.49.25 PM

As I have been processing it over the last few weeks, this post that I wrote many years ago came to mind. To read these words on the precipice of sharing this vision was pretty emotional. I shared this with you last night because it is the very best image I can think of what could happen with IF, if God wills.

All of us... surrendered and obeying and falling into one anothers' lives as God shows off his glory through hundreds of thousands of lives doing millions of tiny acts of obedience.

Today, reading my words below, I can't imagine all I would have missed if I would have said no nearly 4 years ago.

If you want to jump in to this crazy vision.... READ MORE HERE or SIGN UP AS AN IF:LEADER HERE.

Falling Into Obedience  

(Originally Posted here September 2010)


Everyone is surprised by how heavy I have been lately. Isn’t it so exciting? Publishing and Adopting?

But so many things about both blessings are weighty. I am afraid of my capacity to do all of this, I hate being out there for scrutiny, I am afraid of what writing will mean for my family and so many other things….

So why do it?

What if…


these little acts of obedience were a small part of a matrix of dominoes unfolding the glory of God (small because after all I am a small domino in a huge matrix) Could He bypass me and find another route? Of course- He is God.

But what if I laid down my life domino and through that unleashed an army of others who laid down and unleashed their obedience and through this matrix- God’s glory was displayed through the laying down of lives in the midst of a generation?

And just in case God has given me these insane opportunities to display His glory, we (my husband and I) feel compelled to obey…. no matter the cost and uncertainty.

Because heaven is coming… and soon none of us will care about any other glory but His anyway.

I have many dominoes that have fallen behind me to allow me to fall….

Too many mentors and friends to mention today have fallen into my life to help me to fall into the callings of God I now face. You know who you are.

Thank you!!

We are all dominoes in this. We all have our place in this. What is yours?


I beg you- all of us- to fall. Fall into obedience that will shape the glory of God in our generation. We don’t want to get to heaven and realize we missed it. God rerouted around us…..

and besides maybe it will be fun!


So 4 years later... it turns out it's been pretty fun and I can't wait to see what happens next. I picture all of you in your places laying down your lives in so many small and big ways and I can't wait to get to heaven and see the impact all of our lives falling into each other had. I know it won't feel small then.

Where are you from? What questions do you have? What are you processing?