A Burden Too Big

I take it for granted....

So I am in Canada doing some interviews this week- except that is not why I am in Canada. I am here because God wanted to stir my heart in such a way- to flat break it. See, I have spent far too much time thinking about how I am not the girl for this job of writing and making God known. My friends can tell you I have wept over inadequacy and fear and insecurity too many times to count in the last year. And while my face has stayed on the ground and close to Jesus, I have missed the point.

I am in a country considered "post-Christian". Canada has proven to be 10 years ahead of the spiritual climate in the U.S. We are approaching a "post-Christian" world. Let me tell you what you feel in a "post Christian" world.

You don't care a d____ what your church looks like, you don't scrutinize ministries and fight over tiny theological issues, you don't go to church because you should, you don't sit around and wait for the next awesome sermon or book to entertain you because you are hanging on every truth, however simple, because you don't have much.

You don't know who or what can train you and teach you truth, you just feel thankful for anything you get that tastes and smells a little like Jesus. You don't pretend- because that would be silly to pretend to be something nobody cares about anymore. You don't fake it. When you are with people that love Jesus you talk about him because if feels so good to be with people that love him too and you dream and talk about how to actually live for him when it is so lonely and costly.

See, who cares what I feel. When you look around and there is a famine- who cares who is distributing bread- you just need bread! I have a job on this earth and so do you. If you know 3 verses of scripture you know more about God than most of the world. We are so spoiled with truth and yet so unmoved.

I've felt the weight of seeing a country that does not know God and then I look back to the south and see we are about to become one too. We hold the gospel as a baton and when Max Lucado and Kay Arthur and Tim Keller and John Piper are gone what will be?

We have to take the hand off and disciple the next generation in the gospel, in deep ways. I want to physically reach in and grab every truth I have learned about God and implant it in someone who needs it and quit caring about how inadequate I am. But we all have to do this or truth becomes scarce and disciples become few in a matter of 10 years.

This is the beginning of this burden- if you know of someone who needs God- consider beginning here. I am banding with other women to begin to provide more and more materials to equip you to give the things of God to those who need him. Consider it. CompelProject.com

Tell me what you think.

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