A Gift and Apology

Hi friends! You all are INCREDIBLE! When I launched Anything- I think I got "A" tweet. Like one. Uno. And you all have slain me the last few days as you have shouted from the mountain tops about this project. After pouring all of your soul into something like this- you pray it will help others. And it can't help, if no one knows about it. So you can't know what your support means to me. Thank you!

You have shouted so loudly that Restless stock everywhere is drying up quickly and due to bad weather it is slower than normal to restock. The book is still available here. Though many other sources and shelves show out of stock. We have heard from many of you, one of you even visited up to 5 book stores tracking the book down. This is not ok! My publisher is so sorry.

So. As a gift from them, the first three chapters Restless are free, to bide the time until your books arrive!  Click here or on the book below.

Restless Bible Study Leaders:

Restless also launched in the form of a Biblestudy this week- this kit is created in the same form as Stuck and Chase.  And we are the most concerned for the leaders launching in churches and homes about to start their studies. The most difficult to find item is the Restless kit: containing the DVD, Study Guide, Leader's Guide, and Conversation Cards.

Screen Shot 2014-01-10 at 3.51.51 PM

I designed this to work all together to build an effective small group or large group experience. Each piece is crucial. So you can currently order most of these pieces individually on Amazon and a few other places but the kit is not available anywhere.

If your Restless study starts in the coming weeks please email Rachel at info@jennieallen.com for assistance in getting a rushed study.

We can help- but we need to hear from you. Again we are so sorry for inconvenience! My publishing team is working their tail off to get plenty on shelves and online in all places that books are sold ASAP.

Thanks for sharing this with your friends!  Don't stop! We will catch up!!

So grateful and I kind-of feel the rumblings of women being unleashed for God's glory. It's happening…. dreaming, surrender, obedience. So moved.