A Miracle

So it is the next week and I am not talking about alcohol- but people it is Easter weekend- that will have to wait (but when I do- you won't want to miss that- I promise.)  

Today I am sitting inside drinking coffee while my punkin' heads go on treasure hunt after treasure hunt outside.... every once in a while Kate runs in to make the new map.  Lovely morning! I usually just share what is on my heart and today will be no different.

Over the course of the last few months God has done something in me.  I have spent a lot of my life tied up...tied up with all sorts of things... mainly, making sure I am alright with God, myself, everyone I know!  But I have experienced a miracle... I feel free of it all of the sudden- like I had the flu and now I am well. 

 I think this entry needs to be written because we often feel hopeless while fighting inner battles that aren't public or rebellious sins.  We feel insecure or defeated and it is hard to even put words to it.  And it is almost hard to believe that those kind of struggles can really be reconciled by God.

But this God we serve that came as a human packed every sin of every other human on Him and then spilled His blood for them all- AND THEN- came back to life!  That God can heal stuff- crazy stuff like big public and rebellious sin issues and even crazier the unhealthy bondage that may rule your head.  And when He does He needs to be thanked- publicly thanked.  

So God thank you- thank you for showing me my sin, even though I thought I was fine.  Thank you for loving me so much to show me the way out.  Thank you!  

My joke is that- just like everyone,

I was in the prison cell of sin but mine was decorated so dad-gum cute I did not realize where I was. 

Galatians 5 says, "It is for freedom that Christ has set us free.  Stand firm then and do not let yourself become burdened by the yoke of slavery again."  

Unfortunately for us in Christian America, Satan tends to use invisible chains that can go undetected by almost everybody.  And sometimes it takes a treasure hunt to find out you are in a really cute prison cell~ hunt on people!  It is worth it.

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