A Moment of Truth.... Maybe

You go through life with plenty of dreams.  At least I do.  I dream for my kids.  I dream for my husband and our church.  I dream for God to use me while I am on this planet.

That dream usually feels out of my control, like most dreams I guess.

When I was a junior in high school leading my first small group of girls, I knew God had given me something.  Words.  I love them.  They move me and God moves through them.  You can arrange them in such a way to see God sometimes.  If He decides to let you.

Which again is out of my control.

So today I sit on a plane flying to Mt. Hermon’s Writer’s conference, a place bursting with real authors, real publishers and real agents...

the supreme word judges of the world.

And I stand before them holding a green and white tote with a laptop in it, 2 Bible studies, a book proposal, and 2 children’s books, a whole lot of words.

Words that might be trite or maybe they matter?  They might be simply mine or maybe God helped?

Either way, I am dreaming that God would use me on this planet and content at how He decides to do that.

Jennie Allen3 Comments