A New Year's gift!

Friends, I am beginning 2013 at Passion Conference having my soul restored. I have been blessed to get to know another amazing woman this year in ministry- Shelley Giglio and she invited me to attend a few weeks ago. I think  it was really God giving me a gift that would come 2 weeks after my world fell apart. Because Passion isn't the kind of place you can stay too angry with God. In fact He is blowing faith into me. And if you need faith blown into you right now you can join the Passion Live Stream here.

When Sarah had her strokes she was in the middle of a small group that was actually reading Anything. She was processing with me and others what it looked like to surrender to God. Never in a million years could she have imagined it may look like living in a body that doesn't work or months to years of rehabilitation to learn to speak and walk again while the world watched and cheered and nurses prayed to receive Christ for the first time in the ICU halls.

So as you can imagine.... Zac and I are soberly looking at each other right now as we begin a new year full of new anythings, callings we absolutely never saw coming, callings that scare me and are costly... and as we watch our friend face some of the worst the devil can dish, we both would pray anything all over again.

Because nothing on this earth lasts except that which is from and for God.

We are re-upping. If you haven't read the book- kindle is offering it today for $1.99. I pray you will join me in praying anything again or for the first time! Pass this along today to friends and family. I love what I get to do and really love when people who couldn't otherwise afford it get to be a part- thank you Kindle for this gift!

Happy New Year friends! So much ahead!

Thankful for you.

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