Adoption Update

Some of you may be curious about where we are on the adoption front, since I did say I would wrestle this out in front of you. The inevitable has happened, people's opinions have found us because of my openness. And honestly we need some space from opinions to hear from God. And we are open and praying and willing and waiting. That is where we are. So until I bring it up again- this is still on the forefront of our minds but in the background of my writing. Just wanted to give you an update. And also ask for your prayer. My husband gave a moving fantastic sermon on adoption last week for orpahan Sunday here.

It is what Christ did for us- sacrifice His life for our adoption. If we hope in Christ- we are adopted. The very nature of God is to adopt and redeem- to make a way and I say I want to have a heart after God's heart.

I have to consider that this is His heart. That He doesn't ignore one of the 143 million children... He knows them all. To follow God's heart- I can't ignore them either.