Advice or God?

It feels unnatural to give people God. We want to give brilliant, on-the-spot advice. Giving God instead of advice feels cliche'. But we must give God, because everything else doesn't stick very long.

Tonight Kate, my older daughter, felt stressed. Her little perfectly controlled world is being rocked with the rest of us. I wanted to tell her to slow down, go to bed earlier, get her homework done right when she gets home.

But God stopped me. He led me saying, teach her about the peace I give, that transcends being organized and sleeping well and controlling everything. That peace I give, it transcends your understanding because it blows into you and settles in your soul and makes you immovable, even when everything around you won't stop racing. I fall on top of your fears, on top of your to-dos, on top of your deepest worry. I'll hold your soul still, even when it should be flipping out.

So I relayed all of that. Then we prayed and asked God to fall into her. She wiped her tears. As I closed the door to the room I laughed telling God... I had good speech prepared before you interrupted me. But as always his was better, and perhaps gave her something solid that will actually transcend both of our understanding. Supernatural things usually do.

Jennie Allen6 Comments