Freedom Project Tour 2018 - West Coast


The Freedom Project Tour is hitting the road on February 21, 2018, and we couldn’t be more excited to be with you!

Last year when we went on the Nothing to Prove Tour, I didn’t know what to expect. If I’m honest, I was a little wary of being crammed on a bus for so long.

We traveled to 8 cities in 2 weekends.

What we thought would be a little tiring ended up being one of the best experiences in ministry I’ve had in years. That’s saying something because I’ve had some serious fun with IF: Gathering and speaking at many of your churches!


Here’s what I loved about it, we were able to come to YOUR cities, see YOUR faces, love on YOUR people.

In this season of devoting my time and energy to being home with my kids, driving to track practice, cheering at Conner’s football games, these tours are the best way to see as many of you as possible in a short amount of time.

What are we going to talk about?

We want to preach Jesus. We are going to worship God together. It’s going to be deep and fun and real and easy and hopefully challenging at the same time. I want to ask ourselves questions like: What does a life of freedom through Jesus look like? How would your life look different if you were truly set free from your stuck places? What would change?

We’re going to talk about freedom. You know, I go around the country, and I see bondage everywhere I go. At the same time, I see a ton of life change and freedom spreading. That is what I’ve committed my entire life to. When I started in ministry years ago, it started here. A commitment to be free myself and to set other people free. And that is what we are going back to. I want us to live like free people with the Spirit of God inside us.

Where are we going?

We’re going down the West and East Coast in 2018 since last year’s tour was more focused in the Midwest. You better believe we have plans to come to as many cities as possible. Midwest and South- we hope to come to you after these!

Here are the dates and tour stops for this spring down the West Coast. More details on the East Coast cities and tickets to come soon!

2/21/18 – Seattle, WA2/22/18 – Salem, OR2/23/18 – Yakima, WA2/24/18 – Hermiston, OR2/25/18 – Bend, OR 2/28/18 - Yorba Linda, CA3/1/18 – Pacific Palisades, CA3/2/18 – Livermore, CA3/3/18 – Fresno, CA3/4/18 – Rocklin, CA

Who will be with us?

I’ll start here. None of this would be possible without every single one of our dear tour hosts. Truly! They are friends, some are IF: Local leaders in their cities. They are pouring so much of themselves into these events. Every single one of them has stepped out in risk, believing God will show up and meet us. I’m so grateful for each of them.

At IF: Lead a few weeks ago, I sat in the back of the auditorium as my dear friend Christy Nockels sang over us. Music has a way of stripping all pretense and after a trying few months of resettling a family of 6 and an office of 14, I needed to cry but hadn’t yet. Then she comes to Dallas and sings... “Be Held” from her new lullaby album, and I couldn’t stop crying. I love her new album for so many reasons, I believe there is nothing else like it, I believe the songs are Spirit-filled, I believe these songs could calm and repair fears and hurts and souls. Those are big statements I know, but it happened to me. I cannot wait for you guys to experience this! I want to pack her up in my suitcase and have her sing me to sleep every night. (Maybe she will?)

I couldn’t have dreamt of a better team of people than IJM to partner with us. I can’t wait for you to hear their stories, learn more about the work they do day in and day out to set people free across the world.

Bring your friends that know God, bring your friends that don’t. Grab dinner beforehand and come be a part of this. Can't wait to see you!

Visit the full tour website here for more information and dates here: