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I knew I had a deep soul sister in Ann Voskamp the first time we met. We were at a speaking training event with a host of incredible speakers. I was so nervous I couldn't see straight, but I spoke what God had put in me to say, that we are called to not get sucked into the performance of Christianity, to the rat race, we must repent and purify our hearts. I taught about the martyrs of Revelations 12:11 who, "did not love their lives so much as to shrink from death."

I broke every speaker training camp rule and method and preached my guts out.  While I went rogue- Ann cried and grabbed her chest. The coach stood up, tore me to bits and pointed me back to the method.  Ann became my kindred dear sister for life.

As you all know- God is using her in astounding ways- she prays fiercely, writes beautifully, and leads our generation with God-given wisdom. As thousands of Iraqis are fleeing ISIS persecution, God used Ann's Anything prayer to keep thousands upon thousands of children in school, to empower Iraqi women to start their own businesses, to bring healing and hope.

Today, I'm praying that her Anything story burns something new, something big in your heart, that it encourages you to also share your story.

Because that's what this whole thing about, the Anything Project. It's about God taking our prayers, opening our hands, and moving. Like Ann so beautifully says, HE multiplies our faith, and makes it something eternal.

It's not about Ann, about you and me, it's about our eternal God. Because He, in His infinite love for us, gave His Son over to sin and death, so that you and I can be called His children. Our stories don't hinge on our confidence, influence, wealth, or charisma, it all hinges on Him. He sees them through.

We want to hear from you, and dive in with you.

Here are three ways to join in:

Tell us your own story of surrender or tell us about your friend, family member, or neighbor who has surrendered to God in some beautiful way. You can submit your stories here.

Join us on June 15th for the Anything Online Study with Faith Gateway. 

Gather your people or sign up on your own to do the Anything Project this summer! We're kicking things off with a LIVE online event on June 15 for this 8-week Bible study which will be accompanied by videos and bonus content based on Anything. You can register through Faith Gateway here.


The Anything Book+Bible Study is available today! Available from:

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Comment below and tell us where your Anything study is! Are you going through it with friends or family? As a personal summer study?