Being Life-Giving

Tonight as we sat across from our new but already dear friends, Millicent and Corey, they said something beautiful, "We want to be life-givers.  When we are with friends we want them to leave encouraged and full." This was said as we were parting, overwhelmingly encouraged and full from our time together. Corey is fiery and passionate and Millicent is peaceful and joyful. They have been raising his 9 brothers and sisters since his parents passed nearly 10 years ago- now we have kindergartners together.   He and sweet Milly sat across from us asking questions, dreaming with us and for us and sharing their own life events and struggles in the process. They accomplished their purpose- they breathed life into us.

What makes people life-giving- because I believe as representatives of the gospel of Christ it is to be our job description.... here are some of my take-aways from tonight that I want to apply in my own life:

1. To seek to know others- to seek to know just to know- just to celebrate God in them. ASK QUESTIONS.

2. Once you know them, believe in them- dream with them- see the best in them.

3. Share back.  Don't be one sided by just asking questions but be transparent in return.

4. Be safe- issuing grace and being protective of others.

Ultimately I know what it is... the Holy Spirit moving through our lives and conversations.  That is what I saw tonight- that is how I want to live.

I thank God for the many friends that give us life and model this for us.

What qualities are in the people that give you life?

Jennie Allen6 Comments