Black and White

Black and white. The two colors seem to be bleeding together in our family and on pages. I stare at both non-stop. In our family the two colors are no longer distinguishable. On paper the colors bleed into each other over hundreds of pages that somehow my fingers tapped in the midst of the most upside down season of my life.

And now I stare at the black and white words that I am supposed to make great, yet they all stare back at me seeming to be plain and simply mine... except that God seemed close as I wrote.

At some point no matter how you feel you stop. You hand them over to God and people and marketing departments. And they blow away into people's homes and minds and lives maybe.

This is life... God calls you to risk, you feel afraid, you obey anyway or you don't, and either way it feels costly, but if you obey He blows into things plain and uses them for something- if He decides. We live at his mercy.

So as I stare at the black white little pieces of my soul- I sit at his mercy. If they turn into anything at all- thank you Jesus for taking little plain things and making them something.

What little plain things are you doing?

Jennie Allen5 Comments