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Some of you know we started a fall women's study this week that has received a tremendous response.  It is called "Stuck."  And to quote my friend- "you would have thought we were giving away oxygen on the moon."  Apparently a lot of women feel stuck.

I have decided with my little blog following to also lead this bible study right here.  Every Wed. I will post the Scripture and projects that we are studying.  You can even listen to the talks on-line.   I will also post a few of the questions we are discussing in our small groups and allow the interaction over the scripture to take place in the comment section.

You will never have been so vulnerable in a comment section of a blog in your life.  SO pass this on to friends who don't have time for bible study or who feel stuck and want to grow...

and let's get after it!  And for those of you actually attending the study here in Austin- please join the discussion- we are all studying together.

Let me know if you are in.  Or is this too crazy- Blog bible study?

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