Broken Planet

Ok seriously, enough about me. Life today is normal and tomorrow for that matter.

Today what is real: my son (and I am sure many of you) suffered one of those days. From the time I caught his eye in the carpool line- I could see it. He fell into the seat beside me, moaning and it all just started coming out: how hard school was, how much homework he had, how fast the sky was tumbling on to his very blond head.

It wasn't till hours later, we were strolling the isles of Central Market that I got the real story... recess, football, teams.... you know where this is headed. He wasn't picked.

It's so human.... something very direct, very pointed and clear is at war in us and yet we can't put our finger on it. It just feels like the sky is falling, like our life sucks.

"In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world." John 16: 33

Fyi... it kind of does suck.  I mean not really, not like my other son right now- who is asleep with 25 other kids in a tiny room in Africa and ate a bowl of rice and beans today and probably didn't get held- ok I'm crying now.

But not like that.  I mean it's just all kind of jacked up from Africa to recess football at private school, USA.    It just all kind of hurts.  Maybe it shouldn't surprise us so much.

But the second part of that verse up there- is so stellar.  It is superhero stuff

No worries earthlings... "I have overcome the world."

But He has.  God has.  And we will be with Him soon, hopefully both of my hurting sons, in this radically long and perfectly painless place called heaven, looking back at our ridiculously short stint on this overcome planet.  That is what I told him at Central Market.

Ok- just kidding.... but I thought it.  I scratched his back and bought him pumpkin-shaped candy corn- a whole bag.

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