Knowing God

I need God.  It is really cumbersome to be so dependent on someone else, someone else to show up, to come through, to carry you, to give you words.  If I am honest, I wish sometimes I could do things on my own.

But even in our God- given limitations,  He is so gracious and tender.  I need Him and so I go to Him.

And then He is there- God is there.  God, who spins planets, laughing as I come in a crumpled ball and ask/ beg Him for what I need.  And He is says, "Of course!  What is it?"

Today it is words.... not just any words, but words that fit together and describe You and describe hearts and hurts.  Words that change lives.  I don't have those, but I need them.  I need them to give to people that need You.

And He laughs and says, "So you have been trying to come up with words like that on your own?"

Now I laugh and cry and wish that I did not need Him so much.  And yet I love being with Him and it is because I need Him that we are sitting here now.  And I do love it here.

There are no magic formulas to knowing God.  Just need Him.