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Knowing God

I need God.  It is really cumbersome to be so dependent on someone else, someone else to show up, to come through, to carry you, to give you words.  If I am honest, I wish sometimes I could do things on my own.

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The first  half-pipe was discovered by a handful of kids that would trek out to an old water site outside of San Deigo- they would skate these old big pipes and the slopes of the pipes would help them to gather speed and as they would gain confidence they would try things- crazy things like flips, board slides, and 360's.

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New Year- New Life

I like new things.  My Dad took my sister and I to the mall, I may have been 10, and he wanted to buy us a new outfit.  We left the mall wearing the new outfit, new shoes, new socks and yes- even new underwear (don't think that we left wearing those...).  

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