Chaotic Gifts

Often people have asked me what is the best part with Cooper? What is the most surprising thing?

I know immediately what to say: He feels like a part of us. It's as if he was always our son even though we are only now meeting. Everything in our lives is changing and yet he is the familiar thing, as if we birthed a dark skinned toddler, he couldn't feel more ours. Here is some proof- when asked where he wants to go... because he always wants to go somewhere:

Favorite place clip

Yes he is so my son.

This is a gift from God- how does that bonding even happen? I know it is not always the case. So I want to never take it for granted. It is our little gift in the crazy.

Normal long ago left us. We no longer can fall into a category other than, slightly insane and very chaotic. Life is moving and changing in the best of ways.

Someday we will land on a new normal. It won't ever be tame but I am sure it will feel more familiar than the recent months of complete upheaval. Through all of the change and with even more to come... Cooper may be the most joyful child I have ever seen. He is so happy whatever we are doing, where ever we are going, he loves to move and go, which fits in perfectly with our crazy tribe.

Cooper makes us all better. My kids are changed, we all are. My 11 year old, Conner will quietly observe I need some help and without me even asking he scoops Coop up on his back and has him giggling. My children took their eyes off themselves and have completely made their focus filling his tank- loving him enough to put a dent in the hole of his life.

He has completely won our hearts. Again, to try to conceive of all we would have missed if we had not obeyed God, hurts my soul. He was our son- I praise God for moving us to find him.