Chased Down

This was before. A moment before Cooper knew we were waiting for him. He was content with the only world he had known.

Last night for the first time, with his brand new 4 year old english nearly in tact, we talked about the orphanage, and about his new family, about Rwanda. It's been almost 5 months. Of course I've wanted to ask the questions before now, but you need the right kind-of words and he was mostly learning words like ketchup and potty. God gave us the most precious moment of clarity, as if it occurred to both of us all that he has endured.

After discussing Rwanda, and the orphanage, and before Mommy and Daddy came.

I asked, "Were you happy Mommy and Daddy came to get you?"

Cooper: "I happy. You brought me a fire truck and we went in the motor car. And you took me in the blue door and you keep me forever." yes- he said all that.

Me: "Why did mommy and daddy come get you?"

Cooper: "Because you wanted me."

We wanted you Cooper. We wanted you so much it hurt. May casual days when you feel like you've always been ours, never negate the love with which we chased you down.