chasing after the heart of God

I was eighteen years old, I felt paralyzed in my relationship with God. I knew God was real, but my fancy prayers and daily devotionals were not cutting it. I was doing everything right, but it felt all wrong. yet I thought I was giving God what He wanted. I began to question -- and this good little Bible-belt girl somehow missed the rules for wrestling with her God. As I surveyed my life, realized doing all the right things had won me the admiration of everyone but God. And I felt empty and prideful. It was worse than rebellion: being good with no God. It was beginning to occur to me maybe God was after something else.


Maybe I was chasing the wrong things. 

And then I stumbled across a phrase in 1 Samuel 13.

David was "a man after [God's] own heart" (v, 14).

The closer I have gotten to the life of this man, David, the more ideas of what God wants from me have been shattered. David had one life and two eyes and one heart, just like me, but they were all laser-focused on the heart of his God... my God. David was in love with Him.

This is my invitation to you, join me in chasing after His heart. Whether we a running from God or working our tail off to please Him, David's journey will challenge our view of God. Find out more how to start a Chase study here.