Chasing God

It is not better preaching, and finer writing that is needed in this day—but more of the presence of the Holy Spirit. J.C. Ryle

Forgive my absence here. When I have time away from kids to write, my full attention has gone to studying and preparing my second study, Chase- A look into David's life, an attempt to discover why such a mess of a man possessed the favor of God. (No not the official subtitle- but you get it!)

And now I am nearing the end of this- we film it mid-february. Will you pray- not for my words, but for God's Spirit to pour down on this for His glory and our growth.

God wants us above any thing we would ever do for him. He wants us. It's simple and beautiful and if we weren't so numb about it- it would completely undo us every minute. God wants me- all of me. It changes everything.

Jennie Allen5 Comments