Don't be friends with a Pastor's wife

Ok here is my nonsense for today-

I don't want to say this but being my friend is complicated! (My friends, do not amen on the comment section!) I am a mess. So here are my reasons you should stay away from me and really the lot of us pastor's wives~

1. We ignore our friends while we talk to people we barely know.

2. We rarely/never pick up the tab.

3. We keep secrets that we really can't share with you.

4. We can't cuss, drink too much, or gossip. (Again no commenting friends!)

5. We need you to tell us how great we are like a middle school student!

( Because we feel like a middle school student again.)

6. We vent and vent and vent!

7. Dare you ever talk to us about church!

8. We will have dinner parties and not invite you.

9. We pursue others like crazy and yet expect you to pursue us.

10. And we do this because we feel safe with you and loved by you!

Thank you my sweet friends that love me anyway!

I told Zac about a year into planting our church- I feel like I have my hands tied and I am naked in a tree with hundreds of people watching me. Lovely image- in case you don't know me - I am tad on the dramatic side... no doubt, I told him that while passionately crying. And btw- our amazing church is as gracious as they can be- it is how it feels sometimes- not necessarily reality.

Minirith Myer actually did a study concluding that being a pastor's wife is the the most stressful job there is. I also think it is one of the most rewarding roles in the world- the hard things always are!

We just need our safe places!

p.s. if you have friends that hold this glorious title PW- send this to them for empathy.

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