Dream People

After a very full and exhausting few days in Nashville I woke up in my bed today.  Everything looks normal- kids needing me and kissing me and off to school, laundry in process everywhere, beds to make and people to email.  But something feels different. For years God has been planting little dreams in my head. They all seemed like dreams that might help people find Him but they also seemed impossible being that I was small and these dreams God kept dropping me seemed big.

Yesterday I never left a table- I barely had left my normal life or house and I watched as team after team of people came in to meet me.  And they told me one after the other how their job in one form or another was to carry out God's dreams in me.

Last I remember I showed up at a little writer's conference with a little tote of papers.  How did I get here? How did I get to a table with magical people that can reach the world..... only God.

I see that I was not the dream maker and I am not even the dream executor.  I am the pawn in this story. :)

God is moving His story forward... He will reach a new generation with or without us.  But I think those of us at the table yesterday want to go for it.  We want to do our best to try some new things that may connect and not because they are new or fancy but because they contain old things.... hope and truth and God.  They contain the gospel.

The wind was blowing so hard yesterday in Nashville- I almost lost my balance.  And then I walked inside and it was as if I could feel it blowing even stronger through the people I met and the vision in them.  If this goes anywhere- if it does anything- it is because the wind of God has carried it.  If it falls flat- I get my old life back. :)  Either way the pawn wins.

Looks like Stuck study releases Fall 2011 and first book (TBA) and Numb study release Spring 2012.

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