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We are so excited that so many of you are wanting to dream together! Today I am going to dream with a friend- we are laying out her threads and hoping through our time- God would untangle them a bit and she would see things she has never seen before. That is why I wrote this book and study because we don't always see ourselves and our lives accurately- we certainly don't see them the way that God sees them. 

If I could sit across from every one of you- I would. So we are doing the next best thing- a live book club. We will use social media yes! But we would like 8 of you to join us on video from your home (via some kind of technology that we will help you with) live and actually do the work of looking at the threads God has given you. So to find you we are doing a little giveaway below!

But first to make sure you are prepared for this Monday, here’s some stuff you need to do:

1. If you haven't signed up yet- click here.

2. If you haven’t gotten the book, get it here ,and Givingtons will give $4 to IF:Gathering to send Rwandan women to college! Um. Yes. This.

3. Read chapters 1-11. If you don’t finish by Monday don’t worry- because for the next few weeks we will be slowing down and reading only 1-3 chapters a week, so there will be time to catch up.

We will email you the link to the video chat on Monday afternoon and you can interact by posting your questions on my Facebook or Twitter using the hashtag #restlessproject.  Jamie & I will do our best to get through as many of your questions as possible LIVE.


Enter below and we want 8 of you to come on video with Jamie and I live to "conversate" one Monday night. We will dream specifically with you about your threads.

And one of you will win a book club in a box – 10 copies of Restless & a $100 visa gift card to host dinner for your club!

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Question for today:

Who knows you best? Who could dream with you and encourage you in your gifts and dreams?

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