Dreaming Doors

Never in my wildest dreams... I never dreamed they would all like it.  And while we will be spending the next several weeks and months seeing what the future holds.  It looks like it may hold a publishing deal somewhere.  I am overwhelmed and humbled.

God did not just whisper, "run"- He shouted it.  I know that He has given this to me for His name's sake.  I simply deliver what He gives.  And that gives me peace as my inadequacy quickly attaches to the lofty dreams others have for this.

Dreams are not reality.  We are in the dream stage but the doors are open to dream.

I met an agent who is willing to help Zac and me navigate this.  The only next step is working out the details of that relationship.  To all of you that sent emails and texts of prayers and support- thank you!  Though I was busy, I read them all and they encouraged me so much!

On average we get around 25,000 days on this planet.  My desire is to simply do what God says for the ones that I have left.  He is clearly telling me what to do on this one day: pray and wait.

I trust in the Lord with all my heart and I simply don't have much understanding, in every way I see this is You, God.  So I know that You will make my way straight. Paraphrasing Proverbs 3:5-6

Jennie Allen4 Comments