Drinking Fast

"Stop moving!" That's what I have wanted to yell. Everything has changed so drastically within a few months that it's made my life go faster. I want to pause. I want to sit down and wonder what to think about. My minutes and mind have been stuffed to the brim with the demands of a new life. So I try to reach out and grab a minute or thought or one of my kids and say- "sit with me." "Don't move." And they will for a minute.... but then they are off. My thoughts and my kids are on to the next thing.

I am deciding that stagnant is not good either. As I watch the leaves turn and fall, I know that if I pick one up to keep, it will be beautiful and may save for decades but there's no life in it. Life is in the chaotic moments going by so fast and there's no way to bottle that up and keep it for a less hectic day when I could drink it in. I must gulp it down as we go and thank Jesus today.

A few matters I am drinking today:

- My oldest has a girlfriend named Emily (which means little in 6th grade but I had my first kiss in 7th- so we are keeping an eye on this)

- Caroline, my first grader can read. This comes after a lot of tutoring and prayer and hard work on all of our parts... let's just say we were starting to worry that may not happen.

- Zac, my husband just enjoyed a month sabbatical after 5 years of ministry. It went too fast but we anticipate new and fun adventures ahead for him as he jumps in at The Austin Stone.

- My publisher was just bought by Harper Collins. I don't know yet what to think of this- but it is big news to a lot of people I work with. You can read more about this, here.

- I am beginning my third project, a study entitled Chase. I am still editing small portions of my second project and my first project just came out. This is insanity.

What are you gulping down today?

Jennie AllenComment