Freedom Project Tour 2018 - East Coast

I think we are all craving the same things. We want assurance that we are spending our lives well. We want community and unity and each other. We’re craving Jesus and want to know God more. We want to know the Bible as best we can. Do you feel it? Jesus died to give us complete and overwhelming freedom, but we often walk through our lives in bondage and wonder what this even means in our day to day lives.

This is exactly why Christy Nockels, IJMIF:Gathering and I are going down the East Coast on the Freedom Project tour this Fall. We’re going to process this together in your cities, with your people. We’re going to lay down the ‘yokes of slavery’ we’ve picked up along the way.


We didn’t know what God was going to do as we drove down the West Coast last Spring and I was teary and humbled the whole way. The entire time we felt like we had a front row seat to the “The Church of God.” It is so beautiful how we’re all the same no matter where we live.

Our friend that traveled with us from IJM lives in India! And after just 10 days, she’s like my sister. We almost have the same mom, except we don’t. She’s the most kindred dear, I love her so much!

What I know for sure: God is moving and it’s through you. It's the way you all serve, it’s the people you love, it’s how you are, it’s who you are.


Every night we gather is like a glimpse of Heaven. It's in power of people that love God to change the world. It is utterly breathtaking. Some of you are raising kids. Some of you are teaching, some of you are nurses. Every one of you has a thing that you are passionate about. And you know what I see when I look at you in your cities? I see God placing all these people in different work environments, different neighborhoods, different places.

Will you join us this October? Imagine a room full of women wanting to hear from God, to worship Him and walk with Him. God is on the move, I know it.

We are praying that these nights would just be lighter fluid on a fire that is already very strong and ablaze. And not only that, these nights together are easy and FUN.


Here are the details:

When? October 2018Who will you hear from? My friend Christy Nockels, an incredible guest from the IJM team who is coming in from the field just to tell you her story (her identity has to remain anonymous), some familiar faces from IF: Gathering, and me!

What can you expect? An evening full of Jesus, worship, fun, prayer, and linking arms with people who are setting people free across the world. We’re talking freedom this year. What it means to live like free people, to be free, and what it looks like to set others free.

Here’s where we will be this Fall:

10/10/18 New Castle, PA

10/11/18 Buffalo, NY

10/12/18 Greenland, NH

10/13/18 Chadd's Ford, PA

10/14/18 Huntington, WV

10/25/18 Charlotte, NC

10/26/18 Virginia Beach, VA

10/27/18 Asheboro, NC

10/28/18 Cumming, GA

See you there? Comment below and tell me where you'll be coming from! I'd love to connect!

In Faith,