Not so Far Away

My Grandmom met Jesus on Wednesday. We will miss her terribly- life is not as complete with only one generation above us. I treasured her stories and constant advice. She was a Reverend's wife too. And her hurt from that role often drove her advice to me. She was strong and firey and honest. And now she is with Jesus. All of that life- 95 years- and now she starts forever and this is over. When my mom called me I was leading college girls in Bible study- talking about the day we meet God. And one of them said, "that day feels so far away," I was unaware that my Grandmom was meeting Him that very moment.

A few decades, if I even get that, doesn't feel so far away.

And picturing my Grandaddy Rev and Grandmom together waiting for us to do our jobs here and get home makes it seem even closer.

I love you Grandmom. I will miss you till then.

Jennie Allen4 Comments