Finally.... Our Son

Two-and-a-half years of dreaming + 500 straight days of praying + a lot of paperwork =  in 5 days, Friday, May 13th, the entire Allen family will be boarding a plane to Kigali, Rwanda to adopt our son, Cooper Allen.  He is 3 and a half.

He is the most joyful looking- precious little boy you have ever laid eyes on. We think he even looks like an Allen, with darker skin of course!

Our hearts are over flowing. We struggle to think about anything else.  We cannot get there fast enough.

The kids could not be more excited! To be with them day after day, night after night praying for “little brother," and to watch their confidence in God grow as He as answered those prayers with a YES, has been a joy.

Praise God with us! We are going to get our son.

Lots of updates to follow and pictures as soon as we are allowed to post them!

Thank you for your prayers and support. We are so blessed to have many people welcoming Cooper in to our home and lives!