Fleeting Gift

At an event recently I was walking with a major influencer in the publishing world. As we walked from one event to the next,  he talked about all that was coming in the next few years for me, rather than acting concerned with all the chaos of it, he paused and his eyes cut toward me and he said a few words I will never forget.

"What a privilege."

So much of the last year for me has been filled with dread. I have worried about the implications of too much on my plate (although every single day I always have what I need) or the fears that accompany the potential of a more public ministry. I have walked with fear and trembling and no doubt it has stripped any ambition out of this for me. But I believe the state of worry and fear has also stripped the gratitude for the gift of leadership.

Leadership is not something to fight for or possess. It is a gift and if given, it is something we should hold lightly, knowing it is always temporary. While it is weighty- it is such a privilege. I am given the gift, for a season, of a small voice to boast of an eternal God.

We all have been given this gift, whether it is a voice to our children, in our work place, in the lives of friends or neighbors, or in ministry. Leadership always carries with it a life span... it will end.

Do we view it as a privilege to steward?

To treat it as a privilege is to:

hold loosely everything but Jesus,

never find our worth in it,

always promote others with it,

never fight for it,

serve and give out of it,

use it always for God's glory and others' good,

and maybe somewhere in it- to have a little fun and to celebrate the sheer privilege of it all.

Because there will be a time I will face Jesus and I sure want that to go well.

What are you learning in leadership?

Also if you live near Austin- check out the leadership conference coming from Willow Bend hosted by Austin Stone Aug. 11-12.

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