Landing on our Mission

I spent the day in an office yesterday with 2 consultants, one a dear friend. The goal:  What exactly do you want to do, Jennie?  Because every move you are about to make needs to be made in light of that goal.

It was challenging.  I knew some things: I want God to get bigger for people. God to use me to help women get unstuck in various areas of their lives.  I want to preach the gospel.  But those weren't the answers they wanted.  One of them said, "you need to know what it is you are asking people to do, when they come to your blog, when they read your books, when they do one of your studies."  I said, "Love Jesus."  :)

What they really wanted were some concrete answers to,

How do you want people to change?

Here is my answer:

Be brave.  And then our bravery would lead to radical obedience. I want heaven to become more real than earth.  I want you to see God, really see Him, and then care more about what He thinks than any other person here.

Go to war with bondage that has limited and controlled us all and kept us from living the lives we were meant to live.  I want freedom for God's people.  I want the state of our hearts to become more concerning than our reputations.  I want our generation to live as if God is real, heaven is coming, and we have a mission.

I want the religious to come back to God.  I want the pagan to feel safe to consider Him.  I want to see in my lifetime, a new generation of unnumb, unstuck, focused missionaries, empowered by the Spirit, building the Kingdom of God.

That still wasn't what they wanted. :)  But it sure helped me.  My blog is changing.  I am writing in light of these dreams and callings.  Let's wrestle this out together.

I would encourage you to ask yourself the question, "what is my mission?"  We all have life messages and as I have been watching some of my friends narrow in on theirs, it is giving them a new passion and fervor for the ways they can serve God.  What is your unique contribution to the story of God?  Look at your own story- what is God writing through you?