Following a Strong Man

I was born one week after my husband was born.  I say that God saw quickly that He should go ahead and whip up Zac's wife.  I think I was made for him.  :) And most days he thinks that too.  But no doubt God had a sense of humor when he stuck us together.  We are two of the strongest humans on the planet.  And when you see us on paper you can't help but think, how do these two make it?

Like all beautiful marriages, we have weathered our share of fights, nights with him on the couch, tears, and misunderstandings.  We had many years where we felt mismatched.  Plenty of counseling and 13 years later- we fit better than I would have dared dream.  God knew I need him next to me and he needed me next to him.

Some of the reasons I admire Zac:

He loves:  He loves me well.  He loves our kids.  We feel safe with him.

His identity is secure:  The first words out of his mouth when he sat down at the very first gathering of our church  years ago (in our living room), were "I will measure my own success and the success of this church by the measure to which we love God more."  I can honestly say, that is what he still celebrates in our family and the church. He eyes the spiritual things around him and his worth comes from his invisible God.

He supports me:  I am a firecracker and God could have given me a man to shut me down, but instead He gave me a husband who dreams with me and believes in me. That does not mean he never calls me out or says no. But when he says no, I trust him completely because he so often says yes. He is the reason I am writing.  When I was going back and forth on the writing conference. He called it- he looked at me one week before and said, you are going. Conveniently, I am married to my best friend and most trusted adviser.

He knows God: he listens to Him, follows Him, depends on Him, thanks Him for anything good, he pushes me to Him, he talks about Him, talks to Him, he loves God.  And obeying God is his highest priority.  He doesn't look around for approval from everyone.  He prays and then he acts.

He takes risks: I love following this man- it is never boring. Starting churches, adopting orphans, moving constantly, going overseas, people everywhere all the time in our lives, going so hard we forget what year it is. This is my normal, because he does not ever want us to be too comfortable. I love that my normal is not normal. :)

What do you admire about your husband or if you are not married what do you pray for in a future one?

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