Freedom Tour Fall 2019

Are you anxious, nervous, and worried about your schedule or what you are doing? We are this way because we want to please everyone, all the time. What if I told you, we don't have to do this anymore? We don't have to be perfect because Jesus is perfect. Let's spend an evening together in our Bibles, asking God to show us what it means to live like we believe this.

The Freedom Tour is coming to nine cities this October, will you be there?

Christy Nockels and I are coming to the cities below on the Freedom Tour 2019 and we want to see you!  Some of our friends from IF:Gathering and Food for the Hungry are coming with us. These nights are so special... we worship and pray and open our Bibles and just have plain fun! You don't want to miss it. Get your tickets by clicking the cities below:

10/9/19  Newburgh, IN 
10/10/19 LaGrange, GA 
10/11/19 Brandon, FL 
10/12/19 Montgomery, AL 
10/13/19 Columbia, SC 

10/17/19 Little Rock, AR
10/18/19 Topeka, KS 
10/19/19 Bentonville, AR 
10/20/19 Brandon, MS